VAERS Update – Vaccine Deaths Reach 15,937* - Granite Grok

VAERS Update – Vaccine Deaths Reach 15,937*

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The latest update dated 9-24-21 shows COVID19 vaccine-related deaths reported to the VAERS system at 15,937. Additionally, we find over 70,841 hospitalizations and 22,342 who have been permanently disabled.

VAERS COVID19 Vaccine Adverse Reaction 9-24-2021


Locally, the news continues to be very good, with only those over 70 showing vulnerability to COVID infections.


NH Covid data chart 10-1-21


A closer look


NH Covid data chart 10-1-21 partial


The majority of working-age Granite Staters continue to have little to fear from this virus, and as we noted recently, the vaccine has done nothing statistically or demographically to improve outomes.

If you have access to this sort of data in your state, we again recommend that you make time to drill into it in this manner and share it widely.

And please share the VAERS data whether you granularize state data or not. The media is not reporting these harms and American’s deserve to know so they can make an informed choice.


*These are, of course, undercounted.  We know from our previous reports that the “VAERS reporting process” takes up to 30 minutes per incident. Doctors were not reporting them all before health systems started firing nurses and staff, so even fewer of these are likely being completed and submitted as required by the FDA and CDC.