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Is President Asterisk Ruthlessly Deleting Wrongthink in Your DM’s and Emails?

On my old blog, I had a post about the coming Great Silencing.  In it I predicted that blogs would be shut down, fascist book, gulag, twit, etc., would be cracking down and ruthlessly deleting wrongthink posts (if permitting them to go up at all thanks to algorithms and AI scanning).  This would go well …

Is President Asterisk Ruthlessly Deleting Wrongthink in Your DM’s and Emails? Read More »

NSA Spying on Tucker Carlson?

This: But thankfully the GOP Establishment … especially the NHGOP Establishment … has its eye on the ball and is not going to get distracted by little things like America being … NOT BECOMING, BUT BEING … a POLICE STATE, or the ongoing American Cultural Revolution that is erasing/rewriting American history and turning American children …

NSA Spying on Tucker Carlson? Read More »

Shutdown Intelligence Agencies

FISA = Political Abuse

The federal government’s powers in the intelligence field have grown too large. The public is angered by people such as Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director. We saw his employment end in termination without prosecution. At the same time others, such as former Michael Flynn,  are enduring persecution.


Kentucky’s Democrat Governor Creates Coronavirus Snitch Line

In a move reminiscent of the Obama years (and every other socialist-inspired regime), Democrat Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has created a coronavirus snitch line. Sorry, I meant to say coronavirus hotline. A number you call to rat out your neighbors for breaking curfew and other capital offenses.