Kentucky's Democrat Governor Creates Coronavirus Snitch Line - Granite Grok

Kentucky’s Democrat Governor Creates Coronavirus Snitch Line


In a move reminiscent of the Obama years (and every other socialist-inspired regime), Democrat Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has created a coronavirus snitch line. Sorry, I meant to say coronavirus hotline. A number you call to rat out your neighbors for breaking curfew and other capital offenses.

On Monday, Democratic Governor Andy Beshear announced the creation of the hotline, which allows residents to report individuals and businesses who they believe to be violating the state’s social distancing orders. …

On the recording, the governor also tells the caller, “if you are aware of an establishment or gathering that isn’t complying with the state’s orders, work from home instructions, or social distancing procedures, please stay on the line to speak with an employee in our labor cabinet.”

And the snitch business is good in the Blue Grass State which is a bit ironic. Their state motto is “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” 

“…it appears that the state is having trouble fulfilling its promise. How do I know? Because I tried calling the line myself, hoping this was just some brilliant display of mass trolling. But when I called, I got a message informing me that all of their agents were busy serving other stool pigeons. That’s right, dear reader, there were enough coronavirus narcs in Kentucky to tie up the line used for squealing.”

I suppose that motto means different things to different people depending upon which end of the “snitch” you are standing. On one hand, you are dividing by snitching, and on the other, you are uniting by snitching.

Hey, if you see something, say something, Attack Watch, and don’t forget the Obama Truth Teams.

No word on whether anyone has had a good talking too based on any of these tips, but cabin fever begets boredom which demands intrigue. And what could be more thrilling than ratting out your neighbors or small business owners for refusing to fully comply with state edicts and them watching as they wonder who fingered them for their deed.

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