Biden Allegedly Manipulated Intelligence in the Waning Days of Obama Administration - Granite Grok

Biden Allegedly Manipulated Intelligence in the Waning Days of Obama Administration

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Rich Grenell was not the acting DNI for long, but he put the time to good use declassifying material that has had far-reaching implications. General Flynn can look forward to brighter days, and we know Obama was intimately aware of the effort to frame him. But there’s more.

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Richard Grenell, who declassified documents related to the Russia investigation during his monthslong tenure as acting director of national intelligence, told Newsmax TV that the Obama administration “weaponized intelligence” between the 2016 election and Inauguration Day.

He claimed Biden, who is now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, played a leading role in an effort to undermine President-elect Trump.

“We now know that the vice president of the United States, Joe Biden at the time, was in January … looking for information, manipulating intelligence,” Grenell said on Thursday.

The leak machine that started in the Obama Whitehouse (the sanctioned sort) followed into the Trump White House (not authorized), as noted earlier, may tie into the enormous number of Sealed criminal indictments.

Any number of operations were probably initiated to uncover leakers who worked well into the Trump Presidency. More than a few indictments are probably waiting for those folks and perhaps a few reporters as well.

Biden, for his part, is so dirty he’s got plenty to worry about, but he’s decided this is all a distraction from the election. Actually, it’s about an election. The one Hillary lost that team Obama, along with the Clintons and Obama’s well documented illegal spying history through their weight against Trump to try to bring him down.

Oh, and a large cast of characters, a few of whom will sing like canaries.

Who they are and what they say will matter because, as Grenell notes, Biden was involved. Barry was certainly in the know. The Clintons have a history of known associates who end up dead.

It’s a sticky business.

Will Democrats survive whatever scandal percolates up between now and November, and will it be more damaging than being the party of mobs, disorder, riots, violence, racism, and no local policing?

We’d like to know now, but we’ll have to wait. Nothing is going to come out until the investigators feel confident they have an ironclad case against the accused, unlike the way the Democrats muffed every possession since before November of 2016.

Trump wants to make sure these are real crimes, and they can be prosecuted under the law. Let’s hope that’s how it all turns out.

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