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Betrayed and Defeated! Exposing the Stark Reality of How We Lost…


Our Republic is in grave danger.  We need to understand that we have been engaged in two concurrent Fifth Gradient Wars (5GW’s) for (at least) the past 5-1/2 years.  And we understand that this is a WORLDWIDE conspiracy, not just a Democratic conspiracy.

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The DARK SIDE has us in CHECK, and I fear that, no matter what the Supreme Court says, THEY WILL NOT OBEY!  These shameless Marxists and their Deep State and Globalist co-conspirators have come too far to give up now.

Let’s face it.  We have been a failing democracy for many years now. All of the “illusion of prosperity” that we have witnessed over the past 60 years was all put on the credit card. And although the overthrow of the USG was probably not supposed to happen for several more years, as Rahm Emmanuel once said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

And the “Coronavirus Pandemic” turned out to be the ticket.

In March of this year, the game plan was likely developed. Big Media would run never-ending loops of “Pandemic, Lockdown, Masks and Impending Doom and Death” messaging (along with Trump’s incompetence, of course!).

Lawyers would be dispatched to Democratic-run swing states to use the Pandemic to justify last-minute Election Law changes (early voting, the mass mailing of unsolicited ballots, late acceptance of absentee ballots without postmarks, signatures, etc.).  Democratic apparatchiks, on the local level, would use time tested schemes to “create votes.”

Big Tech would censor, diminish, and deprioritize any counter-narratives that popped up.   And Big Money (Wall Street and China) would fund the whole effort.   GAME ON!

In my past life, I have worked as a civilian contractor for the IC (Intelligence Community) for a significant portion of my career.  In those capacities, I have held many high-level security clearances, and any of the secrets that I learned in that process I will take to my grave.  But I am also a student of history, and in that capacity, I would like to share with you my insights as to how we have been betrayed.

In my capacity as an engineer and IC-Subcontractor, I have helped develop tools (for several three-letter agencies) that were to be used to keep our Nation safe from foreign actors.

To the best of my knowledge, the IC and Big Tech have always been twins that are joined at the hip.   DARPA funded research was commercialized by Big Tech.  (This is how the Internet and the iPhone were born!).  And Tech innovations that were determined to be “promising” were bought up by the IC. For many years, this is the way that the dance was choreographed… And, for the most part, it worked well.

Before 09/11, I can attest that if we “messed up” on a data collection mission (for example, if we mistakenly collected info on a “friendly” nation as opposed to a “foe” nation), there were strict protocols in place that mandated that any data from that collection effort would be immediately deleted and destroyed. And it was done. Consistently. Each and every time.

After 09/11, everything changed. Shortcuts were taken. Rules were bent. Actions were rationalized.  Excuses were made. After all, we were at war, and we were playing catch-up.  And so it was that these extremely powerful tools that I helped build to keep our Nation safe and secure from our foreign adversaries were turned upon the US Citizenry.

The USA Patriot Act was then passed, allowing, in some “tightly restricted” instances, “limited” collection activities on “some” US citizens.

Over the next few years, however, these “limited use cases” were severely stretched, bent, and distorted. These revelations became known to Congress, and the US Senate held hearings. CIA Director James A. Clapper was asked by Senator Ron Wyden, during an oversight hearing on March 12, 2013, if the “CIA collected data on millions of American citizens” and Director Clapper answered, “not wittingly.” At that moment, the vast majority of us who worked for the IC at that time (and knew better) just bit our lips, too afraid alone of losing our clearances and our jobs, never mind the prospect of spending decades in Federal prison. But two months later, the bravest soul among us, Edward Snowden (also an IC Contractor), began dumping classified documents to the Guardian newspaper in London, exposing Clapper’s notorious lie.

The recent “HAMMER” revelation by General McInerny (another VERY BRAVE Patriot) exposes the single most insidious data collection effort ever known to man. To my best assumption, HAMMER likely vacuumed up every email, every phone call, every bit of telemetry data and contact info from one’s smartphone, every banking record, every credit card purchase, all FB and other social media posts, every Google search, every browser history,  every credit bureau record, every Retirement account investment, every electronic health record, every stamp on your passport, your driving history, every firearm that you ever purchased, all your EZ-Pass data (or license plate reader data collected at the tollbooth if you tried to avoid being spied of upon and refused to buy an EZ-Pass transponder), and every item printed on your Walmart receipt last night would be collected by HAMMER.

Once all this data had been collected, then the BIG DATA AI algorithms could be set upon it.

Entity-relationship models could be constructed… Who you knew, who you called and emailed most often, where you would likely to be driving to and from at all hours of the day, etc.  And from all this indexed historical data, the “predictive analytics” portions of the AI could begin making forward-looking calls…  Based upon everything that HAMMER knew, on Friday night, you would likely be found at the local bowling alley from 7:30 – 9:30 pm with Jim, Mike, and Nancy, and you would be ordering two Bud lights and a medium pepperoni and onion pizza.   And you wonder why they call it “Total Information Awareness”?  lol.

According to General McInerny, HAMMER was developed during the Bush administration. And God only knows how many US citizens President Bush dropped the HAMMER on?

But, according to the General, during the Bush years, there were 17 separate sign-offs necessary up the chain of command before HAMMER could be targeted on any US citizen. President Obama, however, shortly after taking office,  moved the HAMMER out of the NSA and into CIA facilities only a few miles from the White House and configured a direct VPN tunnel from the WH to the CIA facilities where Obama could target HAMMER on anyone, at will, without need for all those pesky sign-offs.

According to “the Whistleblower Tapes” (detailed in my last article), President Obama also used the HAMMER on Trump “a zillion times” and collected surveillance data (dirt) on 156 US Circuit and District Court Judges, including Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, the FISA Court (including presiding FISA Court Judge Reggie Walton) along with many Members of Congress and business leaders.

Oh yeah.  While I don’t forget, General Michael Flynn must have known about the HAMMER and all the illegal shenanigans of Obama and the DEEP STATE (including every CIA, FBI and NSA Director who has held office over the past 15+ years) and that is why Biden “unmasked” him and targeted him immediately when he became President Trump’s first National Security advisor.  Undoubtedly, they dropped the HAMMER on him too!  L

The turning of all these CIA and NSA tools (like HAMMER) that have developed over the past few decades to be used exclusively on foreigners onto US citizens, FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES, has transformed our constitutional republic into a TOTAL Stasi-style surveillance state, obliterating all of our Fourth Amendment rights in the process.

And I shudder to tell you that I suspect that it only gets worse from here.   HAMMER had to be “individually targeted” on a single individual.   But there is no reason to believe that, with today’s technology, HAMMER’s offspring are now collecting and mining all this data on every single one of us.

And that is what the FIRST of these 5th Gradient Wars that we are currently involved with is all about.  And the underlying reason for the Obama/Biden teams 5-1/2 year “Coup d’etat” against Team Trump.  And the reason that they have gone through such extreme measures to steal the 2020 election.  Upon information and belief, Bush and Obama knew about the HAMMER, but the DEEP STATE operatives at the CIA and FBI kept it from Trump.   All he had (until just recently) was some vague feeling that he had been spied upon.  But he knows all about it now, and the Obama/Biden team feels that, if they can get Trump out of here before he “spills the beans,” their treasonous acts against “the American people” will never come to light.

So how do you wage a “5th Gradient War” (5GW), you ask?  Well, war has long been defined as “the continuation of politics by other means.” But previous generations of warfare featured clear distinctions between “military” and “civilian,” with clearly defined “theatres of war.” ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) was always married to C4 (Command, Control, Communications, and Computers), but the previous were usually support functions of the latter.  These wars were generally “kinetic” in nature, relying mostly upon bullets and bombs.

5GW’s are “borderless moral and cultural information warfare” (aka InfoWars) and include: psychological operations, misinformation, disinformation, misattribution, exploitation of cultural icons, creation of propaganda which is used to demoralize the enemy, etc.  5GW is fought through manipulating perceptions and altering the very context through which reality is perceived.  The fifth-generation warrior hides in the shadows, if not in the static.

The very secrecy of 5GW means that attacks occur below the threshold of observation.  5GW has been described as the fusion of “popular rage with political rationality” aimed to accomplish strategic, operational, and tactical objectives without measurable damage that the target can observe or identify.  In a perfectly executed 5GW, violence is so dispersed into the politics such that “the losing side will never even realize that war has been waged against it until it has been conquered” and “only at that time of defeat does it devolve into previous generations of kinetic warfare… if necessary.”

Does any of this sound EERILY familiar?

In this first concurrent 5GW, Big Tech and Big Media have been courted to curate the flow of media to people who are “tribal, susceptible to misinformation and less educated.”   “Thought leadership” is provided by Soros, the Globalists, and the DEEP STATE.  “Muscle” is supplied by BLM and ANTIFA warriors.  You have watched how this dance has played out over the past 5 years.

Mass media whoops up, frightens and brainwashes gullible citizenry with nonstop narratives of “Russian Collusion,” Systemic Racism,” “Justified Impeachment,” “Lockdowns and masks,” “Police Brutality towards minorities,” “Global Pandemic,” “Polls assure Biden landslide victory,” “Not even a whiff of election corruption,” etc.  It then focuses all the anger born of all this messaging on one single entity… Trump and the Republicans.

Opposing viewpoints are never presented. Contrary information is “buried” or “shadow-banned.”  Counter-narratives are prohibited. Opponents are demonized, and exculpatory evidence they try and present is never allowed to see the light of day…  Systematic Premeditated Election Theft???   NOTHING TO SEE HERE… WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???  (I know… this is sick, but as Jimmy Buffet once wrote, “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane”).

So, hopefully, by now, you are thinking, “this is all making sense.”   Obama and the DEEP STATE have obliterated our Constitution (and, in particular, it’s Fourth Amendment) and don’t want to get caught.  But your headline spoke of TWO concurrent 5GW theatres.  What is the SECOND?

Our SECOND, CONCURRENT ongoing 5GW, is with China.   It is true that the DEEP STATE doesn’t want to have their activities exposed (so most of them are aligned with Team Obama), but, at the same time, they certainly don’t want to totally “deep six” our entire country at this time either.  At least not YET!

The Chinese Communist Party (and their PLA) have been playing American politicians (and our Fortune 500 companies) like Stradivarius’ for 30 years now, and the corruption runs deep.  One of the first betrayals that I became aware goes back to the Clinton administration.

In 1996, Clinton allowed Loral Space Systems to transfer heavy payload rocket technology to the Chinese in exchange for $14 million in campaign contributions, funneled back through Loral. Allegedly, the Chinese assured Clinton that this technology would only be used to launch “weather satellites.”  Clinton also extended China Most Favored Nation status every year from 1992-2000, which allowed them easy access to US “dual-use” technology.

Ng Lap Seng, a Chinese national, was arrested by the FBI for bringing $4.5 million in cash into the US, which was reportedly delivered to Clinton.

In 2001, GW Bush allowed China access to the WTO (World Trade Organization), which was invaluable and facilitated the off-shoring of millions of American manufacturing jobs to China.  This was not done by Bush alone (it was mostly negotiated by Clinton) and the Congress (including Joe Biden when a Senator) had to approve this “sellout of the American worker,” and one can only imagine what corruption, graft, and remuneration these legislators received from the PLA in exchange for this vote.

The Clinton Foundation received $140 million from unknown (Chinese?) overseas interests.

In the 2000s, General Electric was reportedly forced to “give up” the blueprints to their stealth F22 Raptor engines to China in order to not be blacklisted for multiple Chinese locomotive and power plant contracts… And stories like this abound.

Karl Marx once boasted that “these Capitalists will sell us the rope that we hang them with,” and his remarks were indeed prescient with respect to the Chinese.

The bottom line is that, for 30 years, the CCP has been bribing US politicians and bullying US corporations to advance their economic and military goals…  And they are now just about “caught up.”

The writing is on the wall.

This prospect terrifies both the IC/DoD and USG, and this is why Obama talked openly about “Managing the US decline” because he knew that we could never fight a military war with China and win.   And now, the Chinese are currently at just about at the point of research, economic and military parity with the US, and the DEEP STATE fears the “upcoming Chinese century.”   They know that we will never be able to compete because their 1.1 billion population advantage is insurmountable.   They realize that the Chinese are graduating engineers and scientists at a rate that is 15x-20x ours, and they know that the Chinese people make up a much more disciplined (“no work-ee, no eat-ee”) society than our decadent “anything goes, cradle to grave welfare state” established here in the West.

So the only strategy that the DEEP STATE has been able to come up with to try and “stave off” total CCP domination for a few more years is the buy-out of Big Tech (why the heck do you think that the NASDAQ has been hitting records month after month throughout this pandemic?) with trillions in massive government R&D spending invested ostensibly on commercial applications that are cloaking their underlying “National security program” efforts.

BTW, although the DEEP STATE despises Trump openly, the one good thing that they say about him is “at least he cut China out of US finance & technology.”

The other INTERNATIONAL forces aligned against him have to do with the fact that “Trump is a Nationalist” in an ocean full of globalists.  This “heresy” is unforgivable to the Davos (one-world order) banking crowd made up of Rothschild, Bilderberg, and Warburg families as well as the corporate multinationals.

So there you have it, as clearly as I can lay it out.   The most powerful forces in our Country are aligned; they all know their roles and have been executing the war strategy for many years, WITHOUT US EVEN KNOWING WHAT WAS GOING ON.

Big Tech (in consultation with Soros and the DEEP STATE) calls the shots. Big Media develops and socializes messaging. Big Money (Davos, Wall Street, and China) supply the financing. The Democrats (and their Marxist BLM and ANTIFA underlings) supply both the political skullduggery and the warrior muscle.

Most of the Republicans have been duped, and many have joined the dark side.  Is it not curious to you why Dubya, Jeb, and Mitt were the first Repub’s to congratulate Biden?  Why do you think that might be?  Do you think that it is possible that GW might have dropped the HAMMER on political opponents too and doesn’t want this to be revealed?  Or that maybe Jeb, as Governor of Florida, conspired to work with Obama to load the SCORECARD software on the election computers of the Sunshine State to steal the election from Mitt?   Do you think that Mitt might have been de-briefed on this scandal as revealed in Judge Snow’s courtroom and “pinkie swore” to be a good sport about all this treachery so as not to give up the existence of the HAMMER so as to “protect” National Security?  Is this a Conspiracy Theory..?  Perhaps.  But, at the same time, the (informal) motto of the IC has always been: “There are no coincidences.”

These wars have been lost before us good guys even knew we were at war.  It turns out that our fragile Constitution was never designed to stand up to Marxists enabled by the Welfare State.  It was designed by the children of British Gentry who believed in “sport” and fair play.  They fought using Marquess of Queensbury rules.  They dueled at 10 paces using flintlock pistols.  They could never have dreamed of “Federal Welfare.”  And they sincerely believed that they could design an enduring system of self-government based upon the premise that political power could be fought over and transferred back and forth peacefully between factions if both sides knew there would always be another election in four years and that no transfer would ever be permanent.

That bit of genius is the reason that our Republic has survived for the past 236 years. But, as it turns out, Marxists do not play by these rules.

When President Trump took office in January of 2017, “Team Red” held the White House, Senate, and House.  So, what did they do with all this power?  They passed tax cuts.  I am sure that in their wildest dreams, not one of them ever thought of doing away with the filibuster, dividing Montana into five states and packing the Supreme Court with 15 Justices so they never again would need to give up power.

There are 3243 counties in the USA, and about 2300 of them are Republican. To the best of my knowledge, there has not been one complaint of election fraud denying Joe and Kamala of one single vote in any of them in this election.

Compare this with what we all know happened in “Big City Blue” America. Marxists don’t care about giving the other guy a “sporting chance” and have no sense of “fair play.”   All that they care about is seizing raw political power and then arranging things such that they never have to give it back.

But “we have guns” and “we will fight back,” you might say.  Well, first of all, let me tell you that your probability of success is zero if you choose to go up against an Apache Longbow gunship with your 30-30 hunting rifle.  Same result if there are 100 of you!  L

But, it is even worse than that.   They know everything about us.   They control everything.   And we are totally dependent upon them.  Just think about it.   What would we do if, one day, the cell phones of 72 million Trump voters just went dead”?  Or if 72 million of their computers just “locked up.”  Or, if you went to turn on your TV and your set-top CATV or DISH box would not power up.  Or if all these folks inserted their debit cards into ATM machines in an attempt to get cash and their cards just got “swallowed up”?  And then, when you went into the bank to complain, you were told, “Your account has been frozen by the US Treasury due to “fraud” concerns”?

It is true that some of us Preppers who live out in the boonies might be able to hold out for a while.   But history informs us that most would just capitulate and give up.  As was said in times of the old Roman Empire, as will be said in times of the new Chinese Empire, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” right?

As horrifying as this scenario might sound, this might be a “best case” scenario.  The worst case would be a total societal collapse.  This could easily be “kicked off” by a nationwide grid failure.  It has been estimated that a 24-hour power failure in any major city would result in the total breakdown of law and order.   Just imagine…  No traffic lights, no surveillance systems, no gas pumps, no refrigeration for food/medicine, and sewer systems backing up all over the place, begetting chaos, looting, rape, murder… (cannibalism?).

You also have to realize that, no matter how much of a “nice a guy” your neighbor might be if his kids are starving and he knows that you have food, he is going to try and take you out any way that he can.  SO SAD but TRUE!

And remember, this is just ONE front of ONE war.   You never know… If the Chinese determine that Biden is asleep at the switch, perhaps they will drop in a few EMP weapons on us for good measure?

Fondly I HOPE, and fervently I PRAY that I am wrong about all of this…  But, at this point, I DO NOT THINK THAT I AM.

Because I fear that these shameless Marxists and their Deep State and Globalist co-conspirators have come too far to give up, and EVEN if the President’s election fraud appeals are successful and the Supreme Court rules that the election was too fraudulent to stand such that Trump should be given a second term, They WILL NOT listen to the Supreme Court.  They will claim that the SCOTUS has been compromised by the “illegitimate” appointment of Justice Barrett and that, in any case, the Supreme Court is just an obsolete vestige of “White Man’s Justice” enabled by our Racist Founders anyway. END OF STORY!

Google, FB, Twitter, and YouTube have been deeply censoring content for weeks now.  The Lincoln Project (funded by George Soros) has been “doxing” prominent Trump supporters, and BLM and FA have been “making lists.”  Post mortem election panels of talking heads on the MSM demoralize Trump voters lamenting, “this was a close race that he could have won if only he wore a mask.”

Not a single prominent Democrat ANYWHERE IN THE NATION has stood up and questioned the integrity of the election or defended our Constitution.  For the past couple of weeks, the trunk lines into Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have been “dumped” during the first hour of their shows (meaning listeners who, in some cases, have been on hold for hours have to start the whole process again).  Steve Bannan’s “War Room” has been under constant DDOS attacks.  And I suspect this mischief will only get more onerous the closer to January 20th that Team Biden gets.

If violence starts, this will know that they are playing out their end game.  Their goal will be to immobilize law enforcement, intimidate any possible resistance, and create fear.   Random politicians, Judges, and Police will likely turn up dead.  If brave souls refuse to capitulate, the FAMILIES of politicians, Judges, and law enforcement will turn up dead.   Many cops will not be afraid to put their lives on the line but will think twice if they think that their FAMILIES will be taken out while they are out on patrol.

What can we do?  Not much.  We can try and prepare to survive “off-grid” if this becomes a total societal breakdown scenario.  Trump has been trying to declassify all of these programs but is being blocked by the insubordinates of Gina Haspel (CIA Director) and Chris Wray (FBI Director), EVEN THOUGH HE HAS ULTIMATE DECLASSIFICATION AUTHORITY.  At very least, Trump should pardon Edward Snowden on his way out the WH door.

The other thing that we can pray for is that the DEEP STATE does not have total control of the Government.  My experience tells me that many of the 17 three-letter Agencies do not trust the CIA.   I am pretty sure that most of the NSA have been horrified and heartbroken for a long time witnessing how their ingenuity has been turned against the citizenry (and the guys from the Fort ARE the sharpest tools in the shed!).  I know for a fact that the USAF and the USN never trusted the CIA (not sure about the Army or the Marines, but we can PRAY!).  So a lot of the way this will play out is dependent on how much of the government that Trump still controls.  John Ratcliff is the DNI and, although I doubt that he has been compromised, even though he is theoretically at the top of the IC food chain, it is not clear to me what he can do if all his “subordinates” are insubordinate.

I will try and provide updates as this plays out.  In the meantime, the only solace I have found lies in the Second Epistle of St. Paul to Timothy:

Paul clearly anticipates his being put to death and realities beyond in his valedictory found in 2 Timothy 4:6–8: “For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight; I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.”