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The AG’s Office is Issuing Sealed Secret Search Warrants to Spy on NH Citizens

Janet Delfuoco

Janet Delfuoco was investigated by the New Hampshire Department of Justice. The State Attorney General’s Office. It actually doesn’t even matter why. She won her case, but in the process, discovered that the AG’s office had issued sealed (secret) search warrants to spy on her.

And not just her. Based on her commentary below and documents embedded in this report Janet alleges that they were also spying on anyone she was engaged with online. Conversations involving herself, her Facebook friends, State Representatives, (maybe you).

Given the national climate and recent news regarding illegal FISA warrants to spy on political opponents, to discover your State’s DoJ is using warrants to engage in unannounced surveillance is a bit creepy.

FISA authority provides permission for the Feds to spy not just on the person named in the Warrant but their contacts, their contacts’ contacts. If you listen to Janet’s description of her situation, the NH AG’s office was spying on her and her Facebook friends.

The NH AG issued a Warrant and received permission to spy on Janet’s social media as well as through Google/YouTube. All of which was requested (and approved) to be sealed and hidden from Janet and anyone she was in contact with, buried in 2000 pages of discovery. As if they never wanted anyone to know.

Is it illegal? Was this illegal or excessive?

Janet has filed a federal lawsuit against the NH AG’s office in federal court (19- CV- 1245).

For more background, Janet talked about all of this yesterday on Inform America, below. Please make time to watch and listen. There’s a lot more to this story including problems related to Family Court and Civil Court.