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Seattle, Public School, White-Math, Privilege, and Oppression

Seattle is majority white. Sorry, I meant majority white-guilt. Three-quarters of the population is not a minority by the left’s definition. (66% white, 10% Asian.) And because white everything is oppressive, the public-school system has adopted the new (new) [NEW] Social Justice math.

SIxteen tons

Reflections on Our Recent Labor Day

My new truck doesn’t get much in the way of radio reception, so I was tuning around and found NHNPR. Which is, in fact, more like Nincom Poop Radio.

Inequality is a Good Thing

Justice is an important concept. In all societies it is good from time to time to make an assessment of the justice system. To do that a determination of what has worked and what has not with respect to justice is required. A consensus must be reached on two points before beginning an assessment: The …

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Notable Quote – Cathy Young

With its utopian quest for a society cleansed of all traces of bias or inequality and its politicization of everything from art to family life, social-justice leftism is in some ways the modern heir to 20th-century communism. While it does not command totalitarian regimes, its effect on Western liberal institutions — especially the media and …

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boy scout coin

Scouts BSA (Formerly The Boy Scouts of America) Files for Bankruptcy

The wussification of Boys has been one of the more successful progressive projects of our lifetime. A track that had the feminists dancing widdershins when the Boy Scouts of America gave an inch, then a mile. First, it was openly gay Scouts, then gay Scoutmasters, and then girls. And now bankruptcy.

christmas tree

Durham NH’s Human Rights Commission Calls for End to Town’s Christmas Tree Lighting Tradition

It has long been my contention that the Left’s template for America is the modern American College Campus. It spreads to the college town and then the county, state, and nation. Durham, New Hampshire, the home of UNH, continues to prove me right. The towns Human Rights Commission (ack!) has recommended an end to the …

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