If Freedom is Worth All the Ink and Sweat and Blood Spilled for It Over the Centuries... - Granite Grok

If Freedom is Worth All the Ink and Sweat and Blood Spilled for It Over the Centuries…

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America is the most prosperous nation on Earth. Social justice rhetoric insists we must bring identical prosperity to each and every person. Failure to do so is accepted by them as evidence America and capitalism must be torn down. In their place the offer is tyranny and demonstrably failed economics.

ICYMI: This is About Power and Control. They got it… We Don’t.

The Leftist strategy is championed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

The strategy is burn, riot, crush, and destroy. When that is accomplished promise to “Build Back Better.” That’s a pocket full of mumbles. Here’s why: Absolute equality can’t be achieved by any system, none. That is true and will remain true as long as human beings are allowed to exercise free will. Isn’t it time we faced facts?

Our system is all about freedom. Freedom isn’t perfect and it isn’t easy. Freedom allows inequality. Freedom allows people to be lackluster or magnificent. Our system allows people to fail miserably and to succeed fantastically. Freedom allows risk-taking. It does not exempt people from the consequences of their choices… good or bad.

So, is freedom worth all the ink and sweat and blood spilled for it over the centuries? For those whose top priority is equality, freedom is too alarming to risk. For those whose top priority is prosperity, freedom is critical. Manufacturing equality by way of socialist policies requires ending freedom and usurping private property. Sounding like any covid actions you know of taken recently?

State-managed wealth redistribution does not work in the real world. You can give everybody the same portions of the same stuff. But people are human. They will exercise their free will to use or abuse their stuff differently. That means one thing… drum roll… wait for it… that’s right more dreaded “inequality.”

You see, people are not all identical. They don’t live in little boxes all the same. Our children do not all grow up to be just the same. They don’t all go to the same university. Worse yet, it is not possible to fully subdue people.

Doing so wreaks havoc on calculated equality initiatives promising “equality for all.” Programs promising “wealth for all,” “education for all,” or anything “for all” are freedom-sucking black gimmicks… manipulative word games. Don’t let them kid you. We do not all want the same things and forcing us all to be the same is a horrible result.

Programs and policies like this are everywhere. They sound good to a lot of people. There’s No Child Left Behind, health care for all, housing for all, etc. But they never work. And why is that? Could it be that one size really doesn’t fit all? Just think about it. People want the right to try… the freedom to fail. We need the hope we can succeed.

What works is free-market capitalism. Capitalism has helped nearly 2 billion people pull themselves out of extreme poverty in the past three decades. That is freaking amazing. Poverty rates in India have dropped dramatically since the adoption of capitalistic practices. China adopted its own bastardized version of capitalism. Its poverty rates are down dramatically also. Capitalism is horrible but it is still infinitely better than whatever is second best.

Before you change systems or advocate changing systems, you should demonstrate the system you want to change to actually produces a better result. Capitalism, despite astounding successes, still isn’t good enough for equality zealots. Those like Biden and Harris insisting any system that achieves anything less than absolute equality must be torn down and “built back better” are just wrong.

If it ain’t broke… don’t fix it. You don’t tear down what’s working without something that demonstrably works better. Socialism ain’t it. It does not work. There are no results showing it does.  The Biden-Harris approach guarantees destruction. It promises everything, having never delivered anything, anywhere.