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A Union Can Engage in Activity an Individual Cannot.

A Union Can Engage in Activity an Individual Cannot

A union can engage in activity an individual union official cannot, as a federal employee. Any federal employee with involvement in political activity will want to do some research. The suggestion is: do it before moving out and pursuing a political passion.

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day?

Today unions representing millions of workers are threatening to authorize strikes. Those strikes are not for better wages. They have nothing to do with working conditions. The strikes are not even for the union members. They are in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and social justice.

E Pluribus Unum

“Uncovering the Origins of Identity Politics”

The following is a long post from The Daily Signal by Mike Gonzalez. One of the things that is driving our culture is what I’ve been calling the Democrat Party Identity Politics Group Totem Pole. It is crushing the idea of E Pluribus Unum – out of many, one.

NBA logo

NBA, MLB Ratings Crash After Protest-Filled Debuts

People want to watch sports and not be preached at for the length of an entire game (or in the case of NASCAR, for 300, 400 miles). With the NFL sending signals that they are going to also be Social Justice Preachers, I’m betting that will add to the decreased revenues as well.