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#Woke Warriors Want Dr. Seuss Canceled for ‘Racial Undertones’

“Oh, the Places We won’t Go” is a good title for a book about recent objections to the Seussian universe. A wild and fanciful place filled with a reading experience like no other. A bad experience if you are “Learning for Justice.” This Left-Wing pressure group wants schools to stop celebrating Theodore ‘Ted” Geisel’s Birthday …

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Woke … What is it? What Will it be?

Today “Woke” is a concept symbolizing correct perception and awareness of social issues. It is an unenlightening social movement. Woke has become a generic slang term. It broadly associates with leftist politics, social justice, and activist causes.

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Science? … Science You Say

There is a gap between America’s scientists and public health professionals. Science is supposed to guide decision-making. But that’s what should happen… not what is happening.