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Social Justice

Ben Shapiro: Justice is good. Social Justice is bad. Here’s why

Justice is about the individual. Social Justice is only about Group Justice where YOU are held responsible for anyone else that the Left believes to be in “your group.” Ben Shapiro nails this, and a LOT of things tied to it, in this short 3-minute video.

Ashleigh CRT instructor

Critical Race Theory: A Deeper Definition

The first in this series is here: “What is Critical Race Theory?” in which I reported on Christopher Rufo’s speech at Hillsdale College that graced the page’s of its Imprimis offering. To Recap:

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#Woke Warriors Want Dr. Seuss Canceled for ‘Racial Undertones’

“Oh, the Places We won’t Go” is a good title for a book about recent objections to the Seussian universe. A wild and fanciful place filled with a reading experience like no other. A bad experience if you are “Learning for Justice.” This Left-Wing pressure group wants schools to stop celebrating Theodore ‘Ted” Geisel’s Birthday …

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