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If You Think a GOP Senate is Going to Keep Biden in Check … You Are Not Thinking

I can explain why in five words: Collins, Graham, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse. And there will be other Biden-enablers. Lamar Alexander, for example. From Mittens: Admirable character? Kamala Harris is a whore who slept her way to Attorney General of California, while Sleepy Joe sold America out to the CCP. Sounds like Mittens been puffing with …

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Thirty Pieces of Silver

Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of Silver. What was Mittens’ price?  Burisma comes to mind.  And, at the end of it Judas felt remorse and hanged himself.


US Senator Kamala “Toes Up” Harris: Silence Trump on Twitter.

Yet another Democrat / Socialist demanding that their opponent be deplatformed and silenced.  Why is it that the Cancel Movement is almost exclusively driven by those on the Left? …his Twitter account should be suspended. I think there is plenty, of now, evidence to suggest that he is irresponsible with his words in a way …

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GrokTALK! – Jazz Shaw from Hot Air.

Jazz Shaw from Hot Air joins us to talk about Mitt and Evander fighting for charity, the Democrat primary Senate throw-down brewing in Illinois, why size matters (when it comes to cell phones), and unsustainable debt and pension distress were institutionalized in the land of Lincoln.  (Part I of II)  

Data Point – Rasmussen

  Every day, Rasmussen has been polling likely voters (not just adults, not just registered, but LIKELY voters) as to their picks for Prez.  Now, like the stock market, today’s result is cannot be held to be tomorrow’s result.  However, when you start piling up all the other polls (but throwing those out that are …

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“Just vote Republican.”

Regarding the Presidential election…it’s over. There’s little question now that Obama will lose the election. Even with  the news blackout by the mainstream media, the truth is emerging: It is becoming clear that our President left Ambassador Stevens and other Benghazi consulate personnel to die in the Al Qaeda attack on September 11th. Whether it was …

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Debate Round 2: Romney / Obama – what’s the outcome to be?

Will be tweeting out observations and outraged comments as both the need and spirit strikes.  Join us over at our feed; we’ll be using #GROK as our hashtag! Lots of tweets – my fingers hurt.  So, who do you think did the best or best in the different topics?