Romney is losing! I predict a landslide or near landslide... - Granite Grok

Romney is losing! I predict a landslide or near landslide…

…for Romney. Remember, you heard it right here first, at New Hampshire’s very own (and yes, we do “dominate the political bandwidth in the Live Free or Die state).

Whaaaat!?!  Don’t I know that…

…all the polls are showing a surging Obama? Don’t I know that Romney’s already toast? Don’t I know that Romney’s campaign is lost and rudderless in the face of the geniuses and success of the Obama administration and election team?

Like I said: A landslide or near-landslide nationally for Romney, who will also—not coincidentally—carry the battleground swing-state of New Hampshire.

Go on. Hold me to it. If the toy poodles in the mainstream media wasn’t so busy humping Obama’s leg (see, e.g., Chris Matthews), this would all be general knowledge. But it’s not. So you have to learn all about it on GraniteGrok.

Here’s the inside scoop, illustrated in one easy chart, showing the changes in party registration for the eight the so-called “battleground states”:

Why is this? The Democrats are tanking. How could that be?

Here’s why: The Democrat Party is in lockstep with a backward-looking, backward-thinking, backward-in-all-ways ideology. Let’s face it: The hstory of the 20th century is nothing if not a testament to the failures of socialism, fascism, communism, and other forms of collectivist statism. Yet today’s Democrat Party proudly proclaims “We are all socialists now.” That’s from a proud cover of Newsweek magazine a couple of years ago as it celebrated Obama’s electoral and legislative accomplishments.

And in New Hampshire? In New Hampshire the Democrat Party puts up tax-raising re-treads from the past to run for Governor and Congress. Sheesh. As the mainstream media proclaims, “genius, sheer genius!

Like I said, Romney easily carries New Hampshire, and enjoys a landslide or near-landslide nationally, to become the next President…where he will be blamed for the inevitable economic crash that has been set up for us by George W. Bush and Barack Obama. That’s where the REAL test will take place. Heck, Mitt might even help the crash  along if he doesn’t get with the free market economics program. So we shall see. Keep fingers crossed, everyone….