"Just vote Republican." - Granite Grok

“Just vote Republican.”

This man has an appointment with destiny....

Regarding the Presidential election…it’s over. There’s little question now that Obama will lose the election. Even with  the news blackout by the mainstream media, the truth is emerging: It is becoming clear that our President left Ambassador Stevens and other Benghazi consulate personnel to die in the Al Qaeda attack on September 11th.

Whether it was a cold calculation by the President, or merely fearful and incompetent dithering, the cover-up is unraveling…disastrously so for Obama and the Democrats.

The only question now is how large Romney’s victory will be, and whether he will have “coattails” to boost other Republicans across the finish line to victory. I here and now predict he will. If I am right, then President Romney will have the White House, and the Republicans will have majorities in both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.

The question is…

Colorado Model - Romney Wins 320 to 218 with 52% of the vote
This understates the magnitude of the emerging electoral tsunami for Romney....

“What will they do with it?” The last time such Republican majorities existed—from 2000 to 2002—President George W. Bush did exactly NOTHING with them. Now we’ll see again if the Republicans are able to confront the Political Class, of which many of them—including their highest leadership in Congress—are members. We shall see if they even attempt to turn or slow the U.S. Titanic as it surges toward a fiscal iceberg. If they do the right thing, Romney may be able to save America…in which case he will have earned a place in history far above those Presidents who most helped to create our direst problems today, including Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, George W. Bush, and Barack H. Obama.

I have a friend who asserts that “Romney has the chance to become the next Ronald Reagan” (Barack Obama being today’s  Jimmy Carter). The thing is, Reagan never had the support of both houses of Congress, even if the Democrats at that time were not as corrupted by socialism and statism as they are today. Thus, Romney could have the opportunity to save America, far more than Reagan ever was able to.

Right now, it behooves all of us to “just vote Republican.” It is true that there are many bad Republicans. They are called “RINO’s” (“Republicans In Name Only”). They must be dealt with, and are being dealt with in New Hampshire. But the Free State still needs Republican majorities just as much as America does. In our state the GOP has shown that they can government effectively, efficiently, competently, and frugally. More importantly, they have not shrunk away from taking steps to begin to block the headlong rush to approve government dictating every aspect of our lives. New York? Yes. California? Yes. Massachusetts? Yes. New Hampshire? No.

Will the Republicans—both here in New Hampshire and in Washington, DC—be up to the job?

We shall see. In the meantime, “Just vote Republican.”