"Point, Romney." - Granite Grok

“Point, Romney.”

Mitt Romney - Candidate for President - but is he a racist for running
Well, well, well....Mitt surprises us with his performance.

First the good. Obama’s leg-humping poodles in the mainstream media said “Romney abandoned the Tea Party!” That was of course typical MSM biased BS. On the contrary, Romney didn’t abandon the forceful Tea Party ideals at all. And that’s important. Here’s why….

  • Romney actually cited the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, correctly noting that everything the federal government can or should do is enumerated in the Constitution, and that people have the “God-given right” (Democrats hate hearing that) to “pursue happiness as they see fit.”
  • Romney cited the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, correctly noting that states have powers under the U.S. Constitution that the federal government is not to infringe (Democrats hate that).
  • Romney talked all night long about essentially moving toward a flat-tax. That’s what it means when you wipe out deductions and reduce tax rates. A flat tax is a good thing indeed (Democrats hate it).
  • Romney was engaged and respectfully aggressive toward Obama, repeatedly citing disasters that Obama and the Democrats have presided over for the past four years, including the sky-high price of gas, blocking U.S. energy production, causing high unemployment, “picking losers” to throw money away on, generating massive yearly spending deficits, and much more. That’s all good stuff.
  • Romney actually implied he would defund the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to save money! That is, phase out the father-company of NPR (the federal government’s National Propaganda Radio) and PBS (the federal government’s Propaganda Broadcasting Service). Quel SURPRISE! That is very good stuff!

Now the bad stuff….

  • Our guy spent much of the evening insisting that he’ll continue to support several unsupportable facets of the Welfare State, including Social Security (it should be privatized and made voluntary, as Barry Goldwater suggested almost a half century ago), Medicare (government should get out of the business of guaranteeing everyone’s medical bills just because they reach age 65, rich or poor), and federal government meddling in education (the federal government has no Constitutionally granted part to play in ANY area of education, and of course the corrupt and harmful Education Department should be abolished).
  • He repeatedly said that he would not reduce the amount spent on the U.S. military. That’s wrong. Overspending exists there—as Rep. Allen West has repeatedly pointed out—as well as in every other nook and cranny of the bloated federal government. Cuts must come from everywhere.
  • He repeatedly emphasized that he would make sure that the federal government keeps on taking the obscene level of wealth from the American people that it is taking currently. That’s bad. The federal government has become a fat parasite, sucking money out of the private sector to waste on itself and its favored constituencies. It has to shrink.

Nevertheless…the good things that Romney did were truly surprising…indicating that he may actually have a handle on much that’s wrong with America, and what must be done to start fixing the problem. The foolish and/or harmful things he said he’ll encourage…well, those things may indicate a finely honed sense of what is politique in front of so many of the American people right now. I mean, let’s face it, we don’t want the Democrats to be able to scream continuously for the next month that Romney’s gonna take your free stuff away!!!” No. That won’t do….

So all in all…I must say, for this Tea Party-supporting, Constitution-reading, Declaration-believing libertarian-conservative, Romney didn’t do all that bad. Of course, he may be lying and flip-flopping in order to vacuum up votes…but Obama didn’t even bother mentioning the Constitution, the Declaration, or the sovereignty of the U.S. States (he doesn’t believe in any of them, obviously, but that’s another subject).

So…point, Romney. Let’s see how he does in the next two debates, which I now intend to watch, whereas before I didn’t think I would. However…now I think things may actually be getting…interesting.