Romney versus the libertarians? Here's where I stand. - Granite Grok

Romney versus the libertarians? Here’s where I stand.

Well, well, it seems that a last-minute storm has been brewed up by my posting about libertarians who are refusing to vote for Romney tomorrow. You can see it—and the video that prompted the posting—HERE. That caused quite a bit of reaction, both here and on Facebook, which in turn caused Grokster Skip Murphy to jump into the fray ‘with THIS POSTING after the Project’s redoubtable Chis Lawless opined that “The video wasn’t that much a convincer to be honest.” And that caused me to revisit my own reasoning and assumptions that impel me to vote for Romney tomorrow…which causes me to say this:

I found the video to be very convincing, not so much because of the technical and factual (and historical) arguments advanced, but because it so very clearly came straight from the heart of a patriot.

I like patriots. They tend to speak the truth and stand by their words. Many need to be educated about the meaning of individual liberty and the inalienable, God-given right to pursuit of happiness, but by and large they make good neighbors and comrades. Most of them are people who revere the U.S. Constitution and the history of this country, which is GOOD.

Yes, yes, the Indians got a raw deal, and so did the Negro slaves, and so did the American Bison and Passenger Pigeons. There are similar and muchn worse stories about every civilization that has ever existed…but you know what? There’s never been another country like America, ever, anywhere on Earth. And no civilization in history has done more good for the human species than America. It’s as simple as that. And so that is where I cast my lot, and that’s where I will stand, for better or for worse. Barack Obama is the antithesis of what America is. Many people approve of that, and of him, because he wants to “fundamentally change this country.” In saying that, and in doing what he has done, he shows himself to be ignorant, ahistorical and an extremely dangerous would-be tyrant. Not to mention a semi-literate fool.

So I say in response to him and to all who support his dreams, no: Not here, not him, not now, and not ever. We have lots of work to do, here in America, but the implementation of ever more Statism is the opposite of what needs to be done. That’s why I’m voting for Romney tomorrow. He may or may not turn out to be a pleasant—or an ugly—surprise…but he’s not Obama.

And he’s the only real choice we have.