Obama couldn't avoid his record ... or What went down Chris Mathews's leg? - Granite Grok

Obama couldn’t avoid his record … or What went down Chris Mathews’s leg?

That wasn’t a tingle going down Chris Matthews’s leg during the Presidential debate. Apparently four years of media worship, avoiding meaningful questions, and reliance on teleprompters are not great debate preparation. Consequently, the Obama campaign failed to set expectations low enough for President Obama.

President Obama must have expected to be able to keep the debate about his (four year old) promises for the future and debunked lies about Romney’s plans. He failed; he couldn’t keep the debate away from his own failed record.

The President obviously understands neither the Dodd-Frank legislation nor its impact on jobs, nor how it created an even bigger exposure for the American taxpayer with its “too big to fail” banks that have taken on even more risk than they had in 2008 before the crash. One wonders if President Obama knows anything about economics, not socialist gobbledygook, but real economics, how the market actually works.

President Obama likes to talk about all the wonders he will perform, why hasn’t he done them? He had total control of Congress. He talks about bi-partisanship, but he didn’t even get a single Democrat vote for his last two budget proposals!

The President was unable to make his false charges that Romney would raise middle class taxes and cut taxes by $5 trillion stick. That is appropriate as the charges are false, and even media which typically wholeheartedly supports the President agrees they are false.

I thought the hypocrisy of the President was amusing when he demanded details of Romney’s plans. Obamacare has thousands of pages of things to be defined in the future, it is estimated that we’ll wait ten years for some details to be defined. How does anyone plan?

For years I have been asking, “What percent of a person’s income is their “fair share?”” The President never answers this simple question. Apparently the answer is simply, “more”. And, once you pay more, then your “fair share” again becomes “more.”

On Tuesday Vice President Biden made a rare accurate statement, the “middle class has been buried the last four years.” The liberal policies so aggressively implemented by President Obama, supposedly to get the rich, have mostly just hurt the middle class. When you increase business risks and lower possible business rewards, you stifle business growth and, consequently, you kill middle class jobs and opportunities.

President Obama’s team is spinning as fast as they can, even blaming the Moderator for failing to protect the President, his lies, and his failed record. Mitt Romney refused to allow the President to lie about his plans or the President’s record. Romney showed himself to be knowledgeable, respectful, friendly, firm, and Presidential.