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New Hampshire: Romney 48% Obama 45%

Rasmussen Reports shows Romney leading in its most recent poll in New Hampshire. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in New Hampshire shows Romney with 48% support to President Obama’s 45%. Four percent (4%) prefer some other candidate, and three percent (3%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.) My personal …

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Conservatives for Obama? No, really….

I mean, I can at least see why maybe some conservatives may decide to vote for Gary Johnson, the national Libertarian Party’s Presidential candidate this year…. But then there’s Marty Begin, a   Nevada voter and “self-described conservative” quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal article about Mitt Romney. And…this guy says he’s going to vote for Obama. …

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Medicare Fraud – [Updated and Bumped – Again…]

When I say “Medicare Fraud,” I’m not referring to the corrupt practices of people and professionals who are milking taxpayers by running fast circles around the bureaucratic behemoth that is Medicare.  I am referring to the left-wing Democrat lie-factory that has nothing in its barren campaign quiver but fear tactics.   That is the fraud I …

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Mysterious Folder Conundrum

Suppose you fall in love with someone who is good looking, well groomed, and has lots of potential.  Let’s say you two lovebirds decide to get married.  Giddiness and joy all around…congratulations. One day, you are at the supermarket, casually buying grapes (so you can feed them to your love, like they do in the …

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Paul Ryan it is: “Hiding Spending Does Not Reduce Spending” (see below)

Bottom line: “We dont’ think government should be in control of all this. We think the people should be in control.” Watch this video; look at the facial expressions and body language of the two politicians to his left; look at the fear and loathing emanating from the other political class pigs around that table! YES!

Mitt Romney made a gaffe: He told the truth.

The Lamestream Media liars were stumbling all over themselves last week to convince everyone—perhaps even themselves—that Romney had committed a terrible gaffe! in Israel! Turns out he made the unexceptionable observation…