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If You Think a GOP Senate is Going to Keep Biden in Check … You Are Not Thinking

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I can explain why in five words: Collins, Graham, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse. And there will be other Biden-enablers. Lamar Alexander, for example.

From Mittens:

Admirable character? Kamala Harris is a whore who slept her way to Attorney General of California, while Sleepy Joe sold America out to the CCP. Sounds like Mittens been puffing with Hunter.

And Lindsey has already signaled he wants to get amnesty done:

Graham said “maybe immigration” is another issue where Republican senators and the Biden administration could find common ground. 

Of course, he does. In two years, it is likely that there will be a GOP House. So Lindsey and his fellow RINOs only have two years to get all the dirty work done.

For the full parade of horribles that we can expect, read July Kelly in American Greatness:

It’s pure folly to think this Republican Senate will act as a bulwark against a Biden-Harris Administration. Armed with a slim majority, Senate Republicans undoubtedly will play footsie with their former colleagues under the solemn banner of “bringing the country together.” 

There is no reason to believe Senate Republicans won’t sign off on a Democrat-backed coronavirus relief package that includes a partial bailout of bankrupted blue states, a lite version of the Green New Deal or at least “climate change mitigation” legislation, expanded Obamacare coverage, more flexible immigration laws, and a variety of taxpayer-funded goodies from college debt forgiveness to some form of racial reparations.