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Redefining our common language

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Is it Offensive to Illegal Aliens to Refer to Them as ‘Illegal Alien’?

The Progressives and the Biden Administration want Illegal Aliens to be treated as if they were actual citizens. But they’re not. If they were, they’d have to show a valid and negative COVID card to get on airplanes for the free trips to the Red States where Biden is dumping them.


AP Makes it Official – We’re Covering Up for the Rioters

This is a constant refrain from me – the Left is always trying to bastardize, redefine, and weaponize what used to be our common language to move their agenda forward. You name it, any word that’s now used in politics has a far different meaning to the Left than we Normals.

Segregation Back of the Bus FI

Blogline of The Day – so “included” is now “segregated”?

Students demand segregated ‘Black House’ so they can ‘feel included.’ …The identity of all but two students who helped compose the letter was intentionally withheld “to protect the anonymity of Black students who may not feel comfortable with their name attached to a stated demand.” The letter states the list of demands “has been in …

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