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Blogline of the Day – It’s Just Another Way to Pervert Morality

Sexuality Identity

It’s difficult to keep up with these new identifications and all the rules governing them. As someone recently suggested, perhaps we should just change the acronym to “LGBTQ-TBA” and be done with it.

After all, no sexual behavior was considered a category of identity until recently. Now all are; a move which ensures that none are considered wrong, unnatural, or immoral.

I think that’s something that a lot of us believe – it’s time to go “what, another sub-species of sexual expression that *I* am supposed to learn so as to not offend someone else?”. Yeah, not happening. You want to keep subdividing folks into smaller and smaller niches? Yeah, the easier to keep on ignoring you because you’ve made yourselves to be stupider each time you yell that we’re supposed to “recognize” and affirm your behavior. Sorry, ain’t happenin’. Most of us still believe that “heteronormativeness” (e.g., man and woman, two sexes, two genders) are a biological truth and not a made up “social construct”. If you want to argue with that, I can take that to absurdity and still win – I don’t HAVE to believe in your silly “social construct” because MY social construct rejects it and who are YOU to judge me???? See, this works both ways.

But it is the sentence AFTER that is the crux of the matter: sex as identity rather as an activity. The latter, just go off and do it. I’ll still think it sinful but obviously you don’t care what I think. But these folks out at the fringe (and they are when you look at the tiny fractions of the population of these loudmouths who are demanding not just recognition that this exists but that we are supposed to embrace and affirm their mental illnesses (thinking either that their outlook is more important is mine or that what they say to be Truth really is).

Go read the article (link below). What is going on, as John Stonestreet says, is nonsensical – but deliberate. As I have said many times before, the Left is using the technique of redefining our language to redefine our thoughts. This is one instance of redefining sexuality from being an action (and therefore, with the idea of right or wrong, or sinful or not) to “it is who I am” which allow that REALLY stupid phrase “you’re trying to erase me” .

No, none of us are – you’re simply making a clown of yourself and because of Free Speech, we get to point that out.  Actions still have outcomes – and that (I hope), can’t be “identity-fied” out of existence.

(H/T: Breakpoint Colson Center)