Is it Offensive to Illegal Aliens to Refer to Them as 'Illegal Alien'? - Granite Grok

Is it Offensive to Illegal Aliens to Refer to Them as ‘Illegal Alien’?

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The Progressives and the Biden Administration want Illegal Aliens to be treated as if they were actual citizens. But they’re not. If they were, they’d have to show a valid and negative COVID card to get on airplanes for the free trips to the Red States where Biden is dumping them.

Flights full of mostly illiterate invaders making those States pay the welfare tabs. But hey, no more mean tweets, eh?


Is it Offensive to Illegal Aliens to Refer to Them as ‘Illegal Alien’?

Two U.S. states — California and Colorado — have dropped the “demeaning” term “illegal alien” from the law, and several other states are considering the move.

Is it really “demeaning” to someone who is currently in this country without legal documentation to refer to them as an “illegal alien”? A search for a poll of illegal aliens regarding their feelings about being called “illegal aliens” reveals that such a poll probably doesn’t exist. So why is the main argument against the use of the term “illegal alien” that it hurts the feelings of illegal aliens? We’re constantly being told that we should get rid of the term because it hurts the feelings of illegal aliens. Perhaps we should ask advocates making that argument to put up or shut up.

…According to U.S. law — a law that Joe Biden wants to change — people here without legal documentation are not “immigrants.” They are “illegal aliens.” The proponents of changing that term use the argument that “words matter.” They most certainly do. And that’s why there must be a sharp dividing line in words and meaning between those people entering the United States, or looking to enter the United States, who come here legally after having received all necessary documents to travel freely and those who do not.


Sorry, but what IS demeaning is Biden forcing the rest of us to pay for these people as if we were just ATM machines at his disposal. I rightfully say that NONE of these SJWs / Open Borders folks would EVAH think of leading from the front and hosting these “Undocumented Citizens” in their own homes and paying their way for them. But it is fine for the rest of us to “host” them.

Worst thing that ever happened, IMHO, was the late US Senator Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy revoking the law that every immigrant had to do it the RIGHT WAY and go through our LEGAL process. In addition, he removed the barrier that these immigrants had to have a sponsor ahead of time that said they’d bear the financial burden for these newcomers instead of making them a burden on taxpayers.

As I’ve said before, Progressives hate current Citizens – we complain too much and vote them out of office. Just like what the Labor Party did in England, the Democrats WANT a “new electorate” that would vote the US Treasury for their own pockets.  That’s it in a nutshell as to why our Southern border is now an open door.

My grandparents did it the right way – they did all the paperwork and legally became Americans because they wanted to become citizens the right way.  They Followed The Law – knowing that any other way was to transgress the promise of what America offered.

It was not their home (Sweden and Ireland were) – they acted like guests in entering someone else’s home.

They treasured our Freedoms and adherence to the Rule of Law that made them possible. They studied and past the Citizenship test when it was possible. My Swedish grandparents made sure Mom and her six other siblings spoke English at home to better assimilate. They sacrificed to ensure their children did and have better.

That continued – all of my cousins earned advanced degrees to better themselves (except my brother – he just has a BA but has done very well in business for himself).

If you just crawled over the border illegally, you ARE an Illegal Alien – a specific term of Law. You earned it by spurring our Laws in crossing our border illegally. Go back.

You are offensive in mocking those that have made the effort to Follow The Law – go back home and do it right.

And Progressives, stop with the “offensive” part – YOU are the ones that really are offensive in changing our language.

(H/T: PJ Media)