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Ordinances, Regulations, Statutes, Constitutions I Get – Same Question on “Guidelines”?

Disobey keep off the grass

Ordinances, regulations, statutes, constitutions I get – same question on “guidelines”? Or, “guidance” as well. I’ve remarked before WHY are we supposed to “obey” these nebulous orders from either bureaucrats or Unitary Executives?

When did we, a supposed Free People, allow ourselves to progress forward from being a Permissionless Society (in which WE get to choose what we do) to a Permission Society –  where we must ask permission if something isn’t explicitly allowed. Think of it this way: it used to be that everything was permitted unless expressly denied. I’m not the only one – Weekend Pundit (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Something has been bothering me about some of the legal actions being taken by states, particularly my home state, regarding violations of state Covid-19 guidelines by businesses and individuals. As such, I have to ask this question:

How is it that guidelines can possibly be defined as having the power of laws or regulations? In every place I have looked, both online and offline, guidelines in law are defined as:

A guideline is a statement or plan by which to determine a course of action. A guideline aims to streamline particular processes according to a set routine or sound practice. By definition, following a guideline is never mandatory.

Guidelines are neither laws or regulations. As such, how can anyone be fined or otherwise penalized for violating a state Covid-19 guideline? So far I haven’t been able to find out what enables our state to do that.

I think someone in our state capitol needs to dig out a legal dictionary and look up the meaning of “guideline”.

They won’t because (as I have said too many times in the past), changing our common language out from underneath us is the technique to gain Power. Now, we’re back to 1984 DoubleSpeak where voluntary is now mandatory (as well as paying taxes is Patriotic and FUN! and not just a legal obligation); do not these people understand history and that many of us know the con that is being run against us?

Now, our situation has morphed to one where we have to ask “Daddy Government, may I?” all the time.  And we still call ourselves a “Free People”? Look, I get it – as a Conservative I believe in an ordered Society in which some laws are needed. Now I, along with others, feel we encased in a thick mesh of laws 24/7 and politicians and bureaucrats keep piling more and more on. Hardly ever removing any.