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The Oscars – If Somebody Watched It, It Wasn’t Me!

Disclaimer: I don’t like 98% of most movies. I hate sitting through them without the possibility of multitasking. And most of Hollywood’s offerings aren’t worth the spit in my mouth. Furthermore, if I want to get preached at, I go to church. So, now this.

Donald Cat, CNN Vase

Ratings Crash – Is CNN Missing Trump Too?

Advertisers who paid more for eyeballs tuned in for the neverending Trump-hating will take notice. CNN’s Prime Time lineup has lost roughly 30% of its audience in recent weeks. That’s going to cost them.

Trump smiling

Data Point – Compare and Contrast

SHOT: Steve’s post on the Golden Globe ratings crash: The annual event lost 60% of its viewers compared to last year. It was down to 5.4 million viewers CHASER: Ratings for Donald Trump’s address at CPAC: In contrast, this report: “31 million viewers for Donald Trump’s CPAC speech. And that was just online.” (H/T: Instapundit)