MSNBC and CNN's Ratings Flushed Down the Toilet With Fake Collusion Narrative - Granite Grok

MSNBC and CNN’s Ratings Flushed Down the Toilet With Fake Collusion Narrative


When your only trick for two years is Hating Trump, and suddenly the collusion sleight of hand trick doesn’t fool anyone anymore what do you do? Cry, whine, complain, pretend nothing’s changed, try anything to get attention. And that’s the problem – since Sunday CNN and MSNBC have had a rating crash.

Starting on Sunday and continuing all day Monday, CNN and MSNBC — the two cable “news” channels that over the past two years have morphed into high-impact electronic facilitators of the anti-Trump resistance — saw their ratings plummet…precipitously.  Meanwhile, the Fox News Channel (FNC), the only mainstream media outlet to even question the whole collusion meme from the outset, trounced the competition.  On Monday, Fox News had more than twice as many viewers — in both total numbers and in the preferred 25- to 54-year-old demographic — than MSNBC and CNN combined.  According to Nielsen Media Research, FNC surpassed CNN and MSNBC combined in every hour on Monday from 5 P.M. to 12 midnight, while CNN had its second lowest weekday prime-time ratings of 2019 and its third lowest demo of the year.

Have you seen the movie ‘Dave?’ A presidential impersonator is hired by the government to pretend to be the president when the actual president has a stroke while cheating on the First Lady. It turns out the real guy was a major douche bag.

One thing leads to another, and the Chief of Staff ends up planning to run for President because he can’t believe this imposter has made his president so damn popular- the one hidden away on life-support. One pull of the plug away from gone.

In the midst of a joint address to Congress and the nation Dave, the imposter, owns up to the administrations biggest scandal and fingers “his” chief of staff for most if not all of it. The camera cuts from Dave back to the once-crowded room of likely supporters but the only person there is the chief of staff holding a “for president sign” he won’t need because he’s going to prison.

CNN and MSNBC have spent so much time, energy, and political capital on convincing their viewers Trump is guilty and he’s going down for this fake scandal that reality has left them alone in a room holding on to their empty dream, exposed as the frauds they are.

I’m not sad for them. And they’ll get by. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.