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How Did Your NH House Republican Rank In 2011?

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The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance has released its July 2011 score card for the entire first session of the Republican House majority. NHHRA Score Card PDF  file. 

I’ve culled my reps from the list (Hills 19) below.  I’ve also generated a list of the Republican bottom feeders for 2011.  These are what we would call RINOs, moderate democrats who could never survive the bullying from the left, or might never get elected if they admitted that they have little or no interest in supporting the Republican party platform.

They are folks who are incapable of finding the 80/20 rule, or to be more precise the 70/30 rule, and in one instance (Ken Gould) we have a (r)epublican who only voted against the party 70% of the time.

The NHCP (formerly the NHDP) will call this a purity list, which is amusing when you consider how they treat their moderates, but let me assure you that it is no such thing.  It is more like an intervention.  Many of these troubled souls are in denial.  Trapped in Republican leaning districts they are pretending to be something they are not.  I’m just helping them (and their constituents) to accept that they may be democrats, actual independent moderates, or just missing the boat often enough to get lumped in with people who have little or no interest in the goals of the party.

There’s nothing wrong with that.  But it’s time to come out of the closet and stop pretending.  To embrace your "independent" or democrat roots, and run as what you are instead of pretending to be something you are not.

Here is the Hills 19 list first (Merrimack).  For the list of bottom feeders, just follow the jump.


Last name First name County Dist % of Bills voted HRRA Score
Peterson Lynette Hillsborough 19 93% 99%
Notter Jeanine Hillsborough 19 97% 98%
Barry Richard Hillsborough 19 98% 94%
Hinch Richard Hillsborough 19 100% 92%
Pellegrino Tony Hillsborough 19 95% 90%
Christensen Chris Hillsborough 19 82% 86%
Stroud Kathleen Hillsborough 19 89% 83%
Thomas Joe Hillsborough 19 92% 83%


Bottom Feeders or moderate democrats in denial? (With the exception of Gould who is not just a democrat, he is a good one)

Last name First name County Dist % of Bills voted HRRA Score
Gould Ken Rockingham 5 100% 30%
Kiddder David Merrimack 1 74% 42%
Brown Julie Strafford 1 77% 45%
Gargasz Carolyn Hillsborough 5 94% 50%
Lockwood Priscilla Merrimack 6 97% 51%
Remick William Coos 2 95% 51%
Case Frank Rockingham 1 90% 53%
Perkins Lawrence Rockingham 14 65% 53%
Milham Alida Belknap 5 90% 56%
Messier Irene Hillsborough 17 96% 60%
Bolster Peter Belknap 5 94% 62%
Perkins Amy Rockingham 14 64% 64%
Dowling Patricia Rockingham 5 90% 66%
Pilliod James Belknap 5 99% 66%
Copeland Tim Rockingham 13 95% 67%
Emerson Susan Cheshire 7 95% 67%
Wadell James Rockingham 15 87% 69%
Drisko Richard Hillsborough 5 82% 69%


And finally the 70-79% Crowd-folks who could make the grade with just a few more votes or who might fall off the bus altogether with the wrong votes.

70-79% Lowest to Highest
Knox 71%
Allen 71%
Kurk 73%
Quandt (Marshall) 73%
St. Cyr 73%
Hess 73%
Johnson (Jane) 73%
Emerton 73%
Dwinell 74%
Proux 75%
Ladd 75%
Moran 76%
Day 77%
McKinney 77%
Umberger 77%
Solanti 77%
Graham 78%
Quandt (Matt) 78%
Fredete 78%
Hawkins 79%
Richardson 79%
Buxton 79%


For the complete report:  NHHRA Score Card PDF  file. 


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