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Ratings Crash – Is CNN Missing Trump Too?

Donald Cat, CNN Vase

Advertisers who paid more for eyeballs tuned in for the neverending Trump-hating will take notice. CNN’s Prime Time lineup has lost roughly 30% of its audience in recent weeks. That’s going to cost them.

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The timeline moves right to left.


They’re not alone. Everyone has gotten weary of the noise machine, with viewers looking elsewhere across the cable-news spectrum. It’s a pandemic of demographic losses. But as usual, CNN is hit hardest. They went all-in on Trump’s derangement, and it was good for ratings. Well, as good as they can get for the Collusion News Network. But Trump’s gone from the center ring. Stories about citizen Trump golfing or doing up unexpectedly at fundraisers run by his daughter-in-law are not exactly breaking news.

Neither was much of their fare for the past four years. In fact, most of it was journalistic malpractice, but people will tune in for that, especially the Trump haters.

Biden doesn’t do anything, and Whoever Runs the Biden Administration (WRBA) doesn’t do press conferences either.  Jen Psaki is a boring meat puppet who can’t even rise to the level of Baghdad Bob.

The only news worth covering is soft-selling Democrat priorities crammed down our throats.

And more bad news. Even after Joe is put to pasture and Kamala becomes the first woman president (sorry, Hillary) and a woman with some color at that, ratings will still suck.

Democrats don’t like Harris, and for a good reason. She’s bad on camera, a poor speaker, and not the least bit interesting or inspiring. Even to the left, her only redeeming quality is that she’s a Marxist, and most Americans will be repelled when they figure it out.

That leaves the pandemic of which people have grown weary.

Scaring the crap out of people is great fun for our betters, but it has limits. And with the face cure being pimped into the veins of the willing, even they will get weary of the evolving narratives.

They’ll need another something-something scary freakish madness.

Don’t worry; they’ll find something. Their paychecks depend on it.