So Horns are going all in on "we're victims!"; Bill Horn resigns from NH GOP - Granite Grok

So Horns are going all in on “we’re victims!”; Bill Horn resigns from NH GOP

buhbyeNot a big surprise.  Lots of people are going Independent but not for the reasons they are.  Here’s the Letter sent to Andrew Cernota that John Distaso tweeted out:

Bill Horn GOP resignation Part 1

Other half after the jump:

Bill Horn GOP resignation Part 2

This screams things to me:

  • Don’t you know who we are?
  • They’re tired of politics because people won’t play nice in their presence (yo, join the club; it’s worse when you’re not in their presence).
  • Who are you to disagree with us?

It also sounds kinda like Bill Horn is calling a lot of people racists (“who do not look like them”), snobs (“do not live like them”) and how dare they disagree with me (“simply disagree”).  JHo couldn’t take “no” for an answer from the Platform committee on getting rid of the traditional marriage stance and decided to make a stand.  Well, she died on that hill she tried to take;  not even her  so-called”allies” wouldn’t even support her.

They knew the rules and hoped no one else would notice (i.e., everyone else were dumber than they were) when they moved from the ward in which they were elected.

Lots of people have left the party – mine was that I would no longer lend my name and reputation to a Party that no longer stands up for its Principles.

In this case, they’re leaving because, for once, the Party DID stand up for its Principles – good on them.  This is certainly a case where it ISN’T that the Party left the Horns, the Horns left the Party because the Party wouldn’t go along with them.