NH GOP - just GIVING money to the opposition. Again. Once again, the phrase "The Stupid Party"... - Granite Grok

NH GOP – just GIVING money to the opposition. Again. Once again, the phrase “The Stupid Party”…

motorcycle circle of death…is running circles in my head like the above motorcycle of death circle.  WHY is the NH GOP so self-defeating?  Do they not even care about what the “campaign battlespace” looks like?  Wasn’t NH GOP Committeeman Steve Duprey (owner of five hotels in Concord) willing to step in to host such an event (er,  skuttlebutt is that he doesn’t cut much of a deal for hosting things like this, especially for allied conservative groups.  Then again, he gives money to Planned Parenthood, supports other Democrat issues; and we’re back to “The Stupid Party” again in electing people that don’t care much for what the NH GOP Platform says it stands for but I digress.  Again.):

GOP training at Common Man

What were they thinking – if they were thinking at all???  It’s not as if they haven’t been warned in the past that the founder of the Common Man restaurants, Alex Ray, is a YUGE donor to Democrats and their issues and is anti-Constitutional values.

From the NH GOP email:

We are well into our Republican campaigns this summer!

Join us on Saturday, July 28th at 11 am at the Common Man Inn in Plymouth for our second state candidates training session of 2018!

Learn the fundamentals of running your own campaign for office to achieve victory in 2018!

Registration is just $10 and includes work sessions with some great speakers, a “how-to” manual to take home, along with other useful materials. Snacks will be provided.

Register here!



Sheesh.  Our own Rick Olsen wrote about this way back in 2013:

Alex Ray has a lot of money, is very generous and is an American success story, despite being a liberal and an Obama Cheerleader. I could probably put that aside to visit the Flying Monkey or the Airport Diner in Manchester, “occasionally, but not for attacking a fundamental constitutional right: The right to keep and Bear Arms.

The jist of the post is that Alex Ray doesn’t value the Constitution – especially the 2nd Amendment. So, let me see if I have this straight:

  • The Common Man throws off a good chunk of profits
  • As owner, much of that profit goes to Alex Ray
  • Much of Alex Ray’s profit goes to fund Democrat candidates
  • It also goes to Democrat issues
  • Last I figured, Democrats hate Republicans (rabidly is a word that comes to mind as a modifier for “hate”)
  • The NH GOP schedules a TRAINING event at an Alex Ray facility
  • The NH GOP is all willing to let a liberal establishment listen into their presentations (e.g., “the secret sauces”?) to help Republican candidates defeat their Democrat rivals
  • It is likely that this campaign information will go directly back to NH Democrat Central along with names and other information
  • And the NH GOP is PAYING them for the privilege.

And they wonder why they are nicknamed “The Stupid Party”? This is like the phone jamming scandal that had the NH GOP schlepping big amounts of cash directly into Ray Buckley’s pockets – just to also be used against Republicans (albeit, this is writ small).  WHY do they do this – do they not think of the ramifications, not to mention the PR disaster they bring upon themselves?

Seriously, who keeps doing this – funding their opposition.  It is MIND-boggling the silliness this entails and the utter lack of smarts.  C’mon, NH is known for hospitality – there wasn’t ANOTHER facility in the area?  And even if there wasn’t, would moving it to a more welcoming place be all that bad?

I do wonder if they get a real steep discount from the shoe store they frequent – they must go through a LOT of steel toed shoes in doing this with what seems to be P+ rounds:

Shoot yourself in the foot

Nitwits; do they ever learn?