Quick Thought: At least Landrigan gets our name right! - Granite Grok

Quick Thought: At least Landrigan gets our name right!

Kevin LandriganActually, two quick thoughts. Many people don’t get our name right – it shows that Kevin Landrigan is paying attention.  We thank him for not typing “Granite Grok”; there’s no space there that many put in. Just a bit of a nit, but it’s nice to see he cares about us!

State Rep. Steve Negron, R-Nashua, continues to steadily gain support among the very conservative base of the Republican Party for his 2nd Congressional District candidacy.

GraniteGrok, the conservative political blog, has chosen sides and went with Negron over former Manchester Veteran Affairs Medical Center whistleblower Dr. Stewart Levenson of Hopkinton and former Army officer and ex-Concord state representative Lynne Blackenbeker

“We not only unearthed every stone — we threw a few at him too! Did he answer ALL of our questions in a satisfactory manner? Honestly, no, but then again, very few politicians can. However, in the end, we believe that he earned our votes for an endorsement — we now ask you for your vote come September for Steve Negron,” GraniteGrok posted Tuesday.

The other quick thought: I wonder – where does that “very conservative basecomes from? So now, according to the MSM, simply following the philosophy laid down by our Founders in terms within the Constitution makes you VERY conservative?  And if you are a Republican (no, I’m not but…) and want the Party to, you know, actually govern by the principles outlined in the Platform, makes one a “very conservative”?

So, where does that leave the whole idea of “Principles”, eh?  Used to be that calling someone “very Principled” was an honorific, something to be sought after.  Why is it now more of a slur?

BTW, if the CD-1 candidates are reading the ‘Grok (and if you aren’t, you should be!), I’ll be on the Winni Cruise tomorrow night – saunter on by and let’s set up a date for you to talk with the Groksters.  No promises as to outcomes, but we’d love to see where you sit on stuff.

(H/T: Union Leader)