Where Do We Find Ourselves Today? - Granite Grok

Where Do We Find Ourselves Today?

In America do we have in our society a tight inbred elite rule? Do the people at the top of the heap attend the same boarding schools; the same universities, work in top law firms and investment banks? Are these people part of a group who has known each other since childhood? Perhaps there was a time when that was true… but is it true in America today?

Birds of a feather…

What is certainly true is that people of power draw like people together. Once they have their nose under the tent of power they cooperate to keep themselves there. It isn’t about ideals. Control of power isn’t about ideological commitments. Ideology is a rhetorical tool for the acquisition and accumulation of power for the purpose of exercising control.

Think what that means. We have a two party political system. If you are not part of one of those parties you are marginalized, ostracized from the exercise of power. The parties themselves are interested in acquiring access to power for their team. They share the goal of retention of power, they are not about values and principles; they are not about the people. In the end they do not care about history or where the power and control will lead.


That is why the election of Donald Trump came about. The ostracized found a champion. Someone willing to fight and strong enough to win. That is why the coup attempt against Trump is so very important. The unelected fourth branch of government has just tried and to usurp our government. The next question is will we the people be strong enough to support values and principles over the power elite?