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When Jeanne Shaheen talks about “bipartisanship”

Shaheen hopes election leads to bipartisanship

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen said the Democrats’ victory to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives shows “there are a lot of people who have not been happy with what’s going on in Washington.”…Voters on Election Day also showed “what they want to see is a check on this president and they also want to see us work together,” Shaheen, D-N.H., said Wednesday morning after Democrats grabbed control of the House while Republicans expanded their U.S. Senate majority. “That’s what I hear everywhere I go in New Hampshire, and the most often cited concern is, ‘Why can’t you work together in Washington to get things done for the people of this country?’”

That should tell you three things:

  • You should ALWAYS ask her what her definition of that is (trust me, it isn’t the same as your’s)
  • You should always ask her what Progressive / Socialist Principles she’s willing to cave on (can you guess what she’ll say?)
  • You should always ask “So you’re are announcing your run for re-election….right?”

Typical S.O.P. just like Annie Kuster’s tv ads – portray one thing, not so much on the real deal. Go ahead and ask Jeanne Shaheen more question:

What was your percentage of voting with Republicans and why didn’t vote for Kavanaugh in the spirit of bipartisanship?

A couple other things from that article:

Asked about the need for President Donald Trump to change his tone and act more presidential, Shaheen said, “I’ve said from the very beginning he should do that, unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be willing to listen, certainly not to me, and not to a lot of his own advisers.”

Oh please, stop with the “tone” deal.  Essentially, she doesn’t like it when someone fights back.  C’mon, she KNOWS that’s why people voted for him (another lesson that the NH GOP should be learning, learning to love it, and use it NOW!) that he takes no crap from no one.  After the “civility” the Democrats showed during the Kavanaugh confirmation process, she has no standing in telling the rest of us what “civility” should be.  One of the LAST people, IMHO.

Look at that other tell – is he only supposed to do what his advisers tell him what to do?  Hahahahahaha – that’s not gonna happen.  Frankly, he is where he is because he DIDN’T listen to the “experts” – and that must gall her to no end.  Welcome to the ramifications of Clinton’s “I didn’t have sex with that woman” with the blue dress and “ceegar.”

I’ve had that thrown at me – you don’t have the right “tone”.  Too bad.  I didn’t get elected for “tone” and I didn’t get elected to “go along to get along” either. It’s just a technique for silencing people that disagree with the other side.

And it seems that bipartisanship ONLY exists when it causes the government to grow, become more expensive, allow more crony capitalism, and give out more freebies using other people’s money:

Shaheen believes the House and Senate can also work together on issues like the Farm Bill, which passed the Senate on a “strong bipartisan vote. It got stuck in the House because we had people who were so far right in the House that they weren’t willing to support” things in the bill, like conservation programs, she said.

She lies, IMHO…it wasn’t about conservation, it WAS about the spending without end on stuff that shouldn’t have been passed.  Hey, isn’t “people who were so far right” being divisive in and of itself?  Isn’t that discriminating based on viewpoint? But with the control going to the Democrat principles:

But she thinks the new Democrat-controlled House can work with the Senate to pass the Farm Bill.

Yeah, because no Democrat EVER said no to more spending.  And get this: She also hopes the parties can work together on an infrastructure bill.

We are desperately in need of investment in water supplies …,” Shaheen said. “Our roads and our bridges, our public buildings, all of that needs investment.”

OK, Jeanne, first tell me where in the US Constitution where “infrastructure” is an enumerated power.  Second, WHO need investment Federal spending on “water”?  It isn’t NH for the most part – and shouldn’t you be concentrating our OUR State? No, it is for the Western States and specifically for California that has refused, for DECADES, to do for itself because its leadership is always looking to Washington to fund it.  Why not when they have Shaheen?

That’s the disconnect that has happened since the 17th Amendment when the State Legislatures elected the Senators to represent the STATES interests instead of just being another Representative (albeit in a smaller group and a longer term in office).  Repeal that, and stop the Democrat march to a pure democracy (which NEVER ends well), and we’ll see a much better NH and a much better country.

(H/T:  Seacoast Online)