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Down on the Plantation

Down on the Plantation

Was Biden’s gaffe of the week a down on the plantation threat? This week we heard Uncle Joe Biden’s comment, “… You ain’t black if you’re not votin’ fer me…” Was this a reflection of more than Biden personally? Was this another forgivable Bidenism or was it something else?

which side are you on

Which Side Are You On

Asking which side are you on is happening with greater frequency? Marco Rubio gave a speech at the Catholic University of America in early November. He made the case for a “common good capitalism” that looks on markets in the light of Catholic social thought. “We must remember that our nation does not exist to …

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All Lives Matter

Do Good Dems Have to Pass a Color Litmus Test?

What happened to the executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)? Well, it is now more appropriate to say former DCCC executive director. Allison Jaslow was forced to resign from her position Monday, because she’s white. Who is Allison Jaslow? Jaslow is an Iraq War veteran. She attended an all staff meeting on …

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A Letter sent to NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn, based on her HB617 Press Release

I wondered what Jennifer Horn would do as I wrote this; now we know – the non-silent silent answer.  She did not “Choose Well”.  The Press Release, which went out this morning, is after the jump.  This is my Letter just sent: Dear Jennifer (NH GOP Chair), Right you are concerning the proposed gas – …

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Greg Carson For Republican Secretary

Greg Carson has a very impressive resume, one which makes him more than qualified to serve as the Republican Party Secretary. He has already served several years as the assistant secretary, the job I endorsed Pam Manney for yesterday.

Pam Manney For NH GOP Assistant Secretary

I would like to give a personal endorsement for Assistant Secretary for the New Hampshire Republican Party to Pamela Manney. Ive known Pam for several years now, and worked along side her as an activist. She has a level of commitment and dedication to the party and the platform that make her an exceptional asset.

Bend It For The Benjamins

As a follow up to this, yesterday or maybe the day before, the NH Journal (NHJ), New Hampshire’s prominent internet news source if the news is whatever Hynes communications is being paid to call news, decided to float a lie called pin the conservative blogger to Jack Kimball. Someone the NH Journal staff knew would stir the pot was fingered as Kimball’s communications director if he won the job as GOP State party chairman, even though no one–including Kimball and the blogger–knew anything about it until after the digital ink was dry.