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The New Hampshire Democrat Party War On “You!”

tax time torture

Every day you use the income you earned to improve the lives of others. You “create and save” jobs with your choices and stimulate the economy. New Hampshire Democrats exist to take that power away.

I trust you to drive innovation and commerce with decisions that improve your life. This blog is a testament to that faith. By improving your life, you improve the lives of others. You grow jobs and the economy organically.

Republicans have gone out of their way to give some of that power back to you. New Hampshire cut taxes. Republicans in Congress cut taxes. And while the tax code is still a mess and there is more work to be done the work from the right has been directed toward empowering you before the State.

Trusting you to make the choices instead of bureaucrats and politicians.

Because every time the government uses force to take your money, they also deprive you of decision making authority. And while Republicans have worked to give you your power back New Hampshire Democrats are working doubly hard to take that much back and more.

Not just erasing your gains but extending the theft of income and choices.

Taxation is not just theft of income; it is the theft of options. The extraction of levies from your wages by force of law is a statement of distrust. It says, ‘we do not trust you to share our priorities.’

The 2019 Democrat majority legislative session has been a war on your wallet. Your choices. A war on you.

More effort has been expended on the Left in these few short months to abuse your rights, conveniences, and your property than any in recent memory.

Because Democrats don’t trust you to pay for things they want. Their legislative priorities prove it.

Maybe it’s time you stop trusting them.