Wayne Mac Donald ..”People who blog are those who are “ruining” the party”

Did Wayne MacDonald just kill unity?
Did Wayne MacDonald just kill unity?

Kathy Benuck was a delegate at the GOP State party Convention Saturday and has a nice write-up here (LondonderryPatch).  She has some great observations and asks some good questions.  But what caught my attention (naturally) is this…

After the meeting had been adjourned, I approached the outgoing party chairman, and I related that I was highly disappointed that the election results were not disclosed. I asked why they had not been. He impatiently told me that for “unity” purposes, there was no need to give the results of the vote. I stated that it sounded more like “secrecy’ to me, and that perhaps such things had something to do with people losing faith in the NH Republican party. He told me that he was not going to waste his time discussing the vote with me. Oh yeah … and he also said that people who blog are those who are “ruining” the party.

emphasis mine

Note to departing Chairman Wayne Mac Donald…assuming Ms. Benuck got the quote right, and I expect she did, if what passes for your idea of a state party is what Bloggers are ruining, then may we accelerate its demise so that it may be reborn Phoenix-like as something for the good of all Republicans, not just the important ones whose turn it is or who happen to know which hands to shake and which cheeks to kiss.

I congratulate her on her victory but I do not envy Ms. Horn her task if the rest of the old guard is of a similar mind.  Wayne MacDonald just shot Unity.  It is now in critical condition, its chances of survival…unknown.


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