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Down on the Plantation

Down on the Plantation

Was Biden’s gaffe of the week a down on the plantation threat? This week we heard Uncle Joe Biden’s comment, “… You ain’t black if you’re not votin’ fer me…” Was this a reflection of more than Biden personally? Was this another forgivable Bidenism or was it something else?

What else could it be? Rather than a Bidenism, it is reflective of the position of the broader Democrat Party. It has been the Party position, and Biden’s position, since the middle 1960s. That was when Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) reinvented the “Democrat Plantation.”

The Democrat Plantation of the 19th century was the slave plantation. It was the economic system of the south. That was their power base, their political platform. It was destroyed in the civil war. The Democrats had to rebuild it. The rebuilding took time. It really wasn’t affected until after WWII when they were able to do this.

The way they did it was by the creation of a system through which they could count on the black vote. The Democrat Plantation of the 21st century works by creating dependency. They trade government payments for votes. Democrats buy votes with your tax dollars. This was the system perfected by the political genius of LBJ. He understood people, in our system of government, can vote themselves benefits to be paid for by others. Most importantly, he knew they would.

The New  Democrat Plantation

The Democrat Party had been losing white votes since the end of WWII. Racism was declining in the south. The white racist vote was the Democrat base in the south. LBJ realized the Democrats needed a new constituency to replace the white racist votes they were losing. So, why not recreate the old Democrat Plantation of the 19th century with a wrinkle?

This is the history against which we should view the Biden/Democrat Party comment. It does reflect a strong message, a threat to the black community. What the threat to blacks is: We have taken care of you since the 1960s. We’ve given you all these benefits. You owe us. You better show up at the polls and vote for us.

But the Democrats have taken the black vote absolutely for granted for decades. In the statement is an element of threat. The threat is: If you don’t vote for us, we don’t owe you anything. Biden said exactly what he meant to black voters. There is an element of racism in his choice of words. He was clumsy in his Bidenesque delivery.

This is very much the quid pro-Joe of Democrat politics. Look at his comments in Ukraine when he was trading a billion tax dollars for the removal of the Ukrainian prosecutor. It is exactly what the Democrat Party is about. It has no ideology. The Party believes in nothing. It is about nothing… except winning elections. The only reason they care about elections retention of the power they have and to acquire more power… for the Party… by any means necessary.