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Emergency order will standardize clothing sizes

A source in Governor Sununu’s office has indicated that an emergency order will be issued in the next few days, setting a single size for pants, and another for shoes, to be adopted by all clothing retailers and wholesalers, thrift stores, tailors and other alteration services, dry cleaners, and laundromats throughout New Hampshire.

Big Brother 1984 Mask Coronavirus

Germ Warfare and Hygienic Fascism

This topic deserves more attention than I’ll give it here, but I wanted to break some ground on it. It is the weaponization of germaphobia as a means to institutionalize Hygenic fascism. It’s not just an idea; we are watching it, living it, and protesting it.

mental health anxiety pshchitzophrenia

Op-Ed – I Implore you, Governor Sununu, OPEN NH!

Two nights ago I walked into my bedroom to find my 16-year-old daughter sitting cross-legged, hunched over on my bed, tears running down her pale face, sobs coming out of her mouth. She doesn’t want to go on with school work, communicating, or with life in general.

Live Free End the Lockdown

Governor Sununu is Wrong

This Saturday at noon there is a rally planned in front of the NH State House. The message is this. There is no sensible reason to force the entire state to endure a lockdown when the majority of cases are confined to two counties.