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Masks Are the New Desks

As we count down the days until the federal mask mandate, and the federal economic regulations that are sure to follow it, it’s worth thinking about how America, once the world’s most stalwart opponent of communism, has come to embrace the notion that a small group of ‘experts’ — most of them not elected by …

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Merrimack Mandates Masks in their Recycling Center – Why?

Neither medical masks nor cloth face coverings are designed to stop the spread of a flu virus. The few studies ginned up to give some credence to the claim that they can or will are outnumbered by dozens more that say no. So, why has my town’s recycling facility demanded you wear them?

Grok Open Thread

Friday Open Thread – Masks, loopholes, ballots, Dominion, Cuomo Smackdown

Sununu goes mandatory face diapers, Ian finds Loopholes, Ballots, ballots, and more ballots with voting machines that don’t know who their masters are and SCOTUS gives CNN’s Fredo Cuomo’s King brother a wicked Nun’s ruler across the knuckles. Speak – DON’T forever hold your peace (or piece)! Share it, Sistahs and Brothahs!