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Why Are NH Businesses in Lockdown: 77% of COVID Deaths Limited to Long Term Care Facilities

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It’s tragic when we lose our family members, but you do not punish a state or a nation for that. But if you were so inclined, and easily influenced by progressives who needed the economy destroyed, you might do just that.

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Or you did do that, and now you can’t find your way back. We’re here to help.

As I noted yesterday, when, 

 I was asked, what if your dad was alive and living with you? He’d be 97-years old.  Would you approach this differently? I said yes, but no.

I would take it upon myself to take additional precautions. I would ask any family living with us to do the same.  But even if it were my life at risk (and I am high risk but not 97-years-old high), I would never demand anyone else give up working or close their business or change their lives to improve my odds of surviving.

I certainly would not ask a town, county, state, or nation to do it.

I’m officially a member of a minority group – one of the few folks who grasp the simple notion that liberty is more fragile than human life. That a virus, which like the flu does annually, takes our seasoned-citizens in much larger numbers than any other group, is not an excuse to ignore the Constitution or any of the natural rights it exists to protect.

Let My People Go

Affirmation of these injustices comes to us perhaps unintentionally) from an unlikely source. New Hampshire Public Radio

Newly released data shows that the toll of the coronavirus on New Hampshire’s nursing homes, assisted living facilities and similar institutions is even worse than previously known, representing more than three-quarters of the state’s COVID-19 deaths to-date.

While state officials have acknowledged that these face a special risk when it comes to the spread of COVID-19, the new data — released in response to a request by NHPR — paints a sobering picture of the pandemic’s impact inside these institutions.

This sort of reporting, about the tragic loss of or older citizens during COVID, is common on these pages. And proof that the unconstitutional lockdowns and arbitrary designations regarding which businesses are essential and not need to end now.

NHPR can’t bring itself to go there. But they are not exactly known for being pro-liberty. Even their Free Speech cred is limited for the most part to the freedom of the press portion, where they decide what “press” means. It’s typical of the corporate media and public radio and television, which are intertwined with the progressive ruling class agenda. It is a plan that favors the lockdowns and advocates for months or even years of isolation and economic ruin.

Their motivations are political, driven by Democrat Party priorities. So, for NHPR to publish this bit of truth is probably an accident. 

Maybe they thought it would catalyze the fear-movement into starting confined a little bit longer? There are plenty of otherwise sensible people living in fear.

People who have nothing to fear but the state that put them where they are, mentally and physically, but lack the sense to yet realize this.

We need to open their eyes, or they will do this to us again.

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