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Karen Testerman Announces Primary Challenge to Gov. Chris Sununu

Karen Testerman

I had heard rumblings that someone planned to bring a primary challenge, and it has come to pass. Karen Testerman has announced that she is challenging Governor Chris Sununu for the Republican Nomination for the November gubernatorial race.

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Noted pro-family Conservative Republican Karen Testerman will file today to challenge New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu. Franklin City Councilor, former Merrimack County Republican Chair and radio host, Karen says, “enough is enough. It’s time to make New Hampshire Free Again.” The founder of the family, faith and freedom organization, Cornerstone Policy Research, claims that “every family member who brings home a paycheck is essential. The Governor is drunk with power …he picks and chooses who should open and micro manages what procedures must be followed.”

“It’s time to Reopen NH. Save the small businesses and the hospitality industry that are the back-bone of New Hampshire’s economy,” she said. “It’s time to make decisions based on science and data, not fear and panic. It’s time to Make NH Free Again, we can do better.”

This will get a mixed bag of reactions, but one Sununu homer has already panned it.

I’m not saying Karen has much of a chance, but I can say that there is a desperate need for a public discussion about the current law regarding emergency orders. ReopenNH has done a decent job and gotten some press for the cause. There are lawsuits in-process to address the larger question of both the constitutionality of such powers and their arbitrary application. And now we have a citizen who wants to bring that debate forward further.

I think that’s a great idea.

Maybe Gates or folks like him would feel differently if a Democrat governor had randomly denied people a living or put small business owners out of business. I’d like to think so, and for me, that’s what matters here. 

If the abuse is baked in (and it is), we need to unravel that and find a resolution before we end up under the boot of a Democrat governor who uses RSA 4:45 and 4:47 to strip us of other rights. 

These laws are on the books. They turn His or Her Excellency into a King. And any Governor can abuse them. Always under the presumption that “they” know better, and that it is for the good of the people. No offense, but that’s not how a constitutional republic is supposed to work, no matter with what political party the governor is registered.

If Karen’s candidacy gets that debate before more people, and we find a path to rewrite or amend these laws, then I’d call that a massive win for Karen and Granite Staters.


Here’s the complete press release.

Karen Testerman for Governor Press Release


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