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Do We Really Have Any Voice?

Do we really have any voice when our government no longer believes it has any constitutional obligation to actually HEAR the people’s grievances in the form of petitions and remonstrances?

Life With Liz

The Audio From Life with Liz Show – 4/12/21 Appearance

Sorry for the delay (we did the show on Monday, April, 12th, and now it’s Saturday – I’ll get more timely!)  but for those that wanted to hear the April 12th edition of “Monday Morning Wake Up  Chat with the ‘Grok”with the ‘Grok, here it is!

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The Magic of Per-Student Cost

Are your state representatives smarter than fifth-graders? Here’s a word problem that even a fifth-grader should be able to solve: A boat ferries passengers across a lake.  Ten people want to ride it together.  The captain says:  It costs me $100 to run the boat, so you’ll have to pay an average of $10 each. …

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NHDems: “NH Must Require Proof of Domicile!!!”

In an interesting turn of events, the NH Democrat Party has virtually demanded that the State institute rigid requirements for proof of domicile before a person can vote receive “life-saving” medical treatment.