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The Magic of Per-Student Cost

Are your state representatives smarter than fifth-graders? Here’s a word problem that even a fifth-grader should be able to solve: A boat ferries passengers across a lake.  Ten people want to ride it together.  The captain says:  It costs me $100 to run the boat, so you’ll have to pay an average of $10 each. …

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NHDems: “NH Must Require Proof of Domicile!!!”

In an interesting turn of events, the NH Democrat Party has virtually demanded that the State institute rigid requirements for proof of domicile before a person can vote receive “life-saving” medical treatment.

NH Constitution

Violating The Rights of the People of New Hampshire

The people of this State need to contact their representatives and demand that these three questions be presented by Both Chambers of the legislature and submitted to the NH Supreme Court for an advisory opinion under the Constitution of NH Part II Article 74.

Unconscious Bias

What Kind of Re-education Shall be Proposed for the NH Democrats?

On Wednesday of this week, the New Hampshire House will formally adopt rules for the current biennium. As part of that process, the Democrats will again propose that all New Hampshire House members be required to attend a mandatory sexual harassment training.


Let’s Elect Principled Conservatives, Not Democrat-Donors

One of the most hotly contested Republican primaries for September promises to be the race for Executive Council District 5. And although the Executive Council is relatively obscure to most New Hampshire voters, it is, in fact, one of the more powerful elected bodies in the state.