Breaking News: Gov. Sununu 'Quietly' Signs the NH State Budget, HB1/HB2 - Into Law! - Granite Grok

Breaking News: Gov. Sununu ‘Quietly’ Signs the NH State Budget, HB1/HB2 – Into Law!

Jan Brady Budget

WMUR reports that New Hampshire Governor Christopher Sununu signed the latest State budget yesterday in a private ceremony. No word on whether family or friends were present for the passing into law of HB1 and HB2.


Gov. Chris Sununu signed the $13.5 billion two-year state budget and accompanying policy-focused trailer bill into law Friday afternoon, repeating his earlier statement that it is “a win for every citizen and family in this state.

There was no ceremony or fanfare – and no legislators on hand. WMUR was told by sources that the governor received the House Bills 1 and 2 “and promptly signed them.”


The budget is both popular and hated. So, what’s new. Nothing. Every budget is like that. But as Ed noted, it does give Sununu a lot of what he wanted, but he’s not the only one who benefits. Some of what he wanted is also good for the rest of us.

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House Republican Leader Jason Osborn is quoted a saying,


“This transformational budget delivered a $170 million total cut from every tax on the books while still funding our state’s needs. We empowered families to find the best fit for their child’s educational needs, passed some needed reform to the governor’s emergency powers and put an end to teaching the unfounded idea that an individual is inherently racist simply due to the color of their skin. We delivered a $100 million statewide property tax cut, giving our residents direct relief. Our constituents demanded results on these issues, and House Republicans united to make sure we delivered.”


As with all incremental wins, the hard work begins now. While the legislature is on a break until next year (sort of, more or less), the grassroots needs to start strategizing on its priorities for the next session and working with or on the House and Senate members to move the ball further down the field.

We got pro-life advances, tax cuts, school choice, and a bigger hammer to pry out the nails holding CRT together in our schools. We also got a hint of other reforms. A better than average result, but we need to do more.

Democrats will, at the first opportunity, raise taxes (and call it a tax cut), take freedoms and call it equity, and lord help us if we do not pare back more emergency powers before a Democrat can reclaim the governor’s office with a majority legislature.

I know some of you are new to this activism thing, but the fun never stops. It’s a full-time hobby. And the left never sleeps.

You sometimes have to take the wins you can get and then work to win some more.