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NH Legislature Passes Bill to Block HR1 and Keep Meddling Feds Out of NH Elections

People vote at a polling place at the Canterbury Town Hall polling station in Canterbury, New Hampshire

Our Republican Majority legislature can always do better. There’s never a flawless victory. So, you take your wins when you can get them. SB89 -you decide if this is a win – tells the Dems HR1 to go ***k itself.

It’s a very short omnibus bill with a handful of election-related parts.  The first bit removed the word election officer and replaced it with City Clerk. The next prohibits photographs “that capture another voter or another voter’s ballot.” Feel free to take pictures of your own ballot. Part III crafts a commission to study ‘Post Election Audit Devices.’

And then there’s this.


New Hampshire Election Procedures; Certain Federal Laws Non-Controlling. Notwithstanding the adoption by the United States Congress of S.1, also known as the “For the People Act of 2021,” all procedures and requirements relating to elections conducted pursuant to the New Hampshire constitution and as prescribed by New Hampshire law shall remain in full force and effect for all state and county officers, including but not limited to those procedures and requirements relating to voter eligibility, voter registration, absentee voting, conducting the vote, and counting of votes.


If HR1 or any of its bastard-stepchildren emerge from the Democrat stranglehold on Federal Power, SB89 is supposed to be a shield that will protect us from that Kraken. We run our elections, period.

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As for the NH House vote, it split down party lines, 202-175 with three exceptions. Two Democrats voted yea with Republicans and one Republican voted nay with the Democrats. John Mann and Catt Sandler for the Dems, Bill Boyd for the GOP.

Bill can probably expect a few phone calls and emails.

What about Sununu?

I’m not aware of the governor’s stance on this. He’s a big fan of taking bribes from DC (money), complete with all the sticky federal strings they attach. It’s a less bragged about NH way that crosses party lines. But I suspect he’ll sign this.

Unlike the first in the nation primary (FITN), if anyone brings a serious challenge or offers us cash for compliance, maybe he asks the AG’s office to go out for sandwiches on court day.

But for now, SB89 is a win and I expect it to become law.


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