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Final Results: NH Republicans Flip the Executive Council – Take 4 of 5 Seats


Democrats are working feverishly to steal a national election that, on the whole, didn’t go well for them at all. New Hampshire Dems swept up the Federal races but got their asses handed to them at the state level. Dan Feltes had the worst down-ticket impact for Democrats since John Lynch in 2010.

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Feltes got smoked by incumbent governor Chris Sununu, a problem the parasites in the Dem Party bowels seem to have expected. But I don’t think a complete washout was on their radar.

I covered the finer details on the NH Senate here, so let’s look at the Executive Council (The House is still a mess).

Five seats whose officials are tasked with confirming appointments by the governor and approving state contracts (more here). Democrats had a 3-2 majority in 2019 and 2020. But after Tuesday, New Hampshire Republicans hold a 4-1 majority.

This is no guarantee we’ll see prudence or restraint, but if Gov. Sununu wants to nominate Ryan Terrell to the School Board, I expect he’ll get confirmed this time around.

Here are the final vote tallies from the NH Sec. of State.

District Republican Democrat Winner
EC District 1 79,993 74880 Joe Kenney, r
EC District 2 66,400 79399 Cinde Warmington,d
EC District 3 86,006 77969 Janet Stevens, r
EC District 4 79,779 63540 Ted Gatsas, r
EC District 5 75,287 74060 Dave Wheeler, r