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Alexa Rank Update: Grok Still #1 – Is NHJournal in Freefall?

I’m a few days late with the monthly Alexa ran update but let’s write it off as moving the ball toward an end-of-month review. I was also waiting to see if some startling numbers changed before I published. Like how NH Journal has plummeted in global rank to lows not seen in months.

Generals Bolduc and Flynn

NH-NeverTrumpJournal Continues to Push Russia Collusion Hoax

In a recent post insulting and ridiculing General Bolduc, New Hampshire’s NeverTrumpJournal also went after General Flynn: And his most recent campaign event headlined disgraced former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Seriously … “disgraced”?

Hey! Dufus! Why the Hell Aren’t You Covering “This!?”

Shawn Millerick, the head of the political fiction section at NH Journal, wanted to know why we at GraniteGrok were not covering the real world story about Ann McKluster Kuster not paying her property taxes.  The appropriate response was to provide a link to the story I actually wrote on February 5th about how Ann …

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Shawn Millerick: kettle, black

You know, I ALMOST forgot about this line: ——– Original Message ——– Subject:     Kuster?? Date:     Mon, 11 Feb 2013 18:39:47 -0500 From:     Shawn Millerick <shawn.millerick@gmail.com> To:     skip@granitegrok.com <skip@granitegrok.com> How is it the biggest opportunity to bash a Democrat/Liberal comes along and you guys have stories about snow storms on your site? …

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Staphylococcus at NH Journal?

NH Journal appears to have developed the flesh eating variety of the “staph” infection, and it looks serious.  It has already claimed someone’s balls. The castrated scribbler in question–see also “Staff Reporter”–has written a nifty little attack piece in which they observed that Jack Kimball had endorsed Andrew Hemingway for NH-GOP Chairman. The endorsement is …

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Jennifer Horn – Is She Wishing She was “Someone Else?” (Updated and Bumped)

Well, ain’t this sweet? NH Journal, you remember them, Shawn Millerick, Pat Hynes…they specialize in political fiction.  Well, I guess they had a poll asking who should be the next Chair of the NHGOP. The NH Journal Poll has the following results: Who should be the next Chair of the NHGOP? Andrew Hemingway (59%) Someone …

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