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Alexa Rank Update: Grok Still #1 – Is NHJournal in Freefall?

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I’m a few days late with the monthly Alexa ran update but let’s write it off as moving the ball toward an end-of-month review. I was also waiting to see if some startling numbers changed before I published. Like how NH Journal has plummeted in global rank to lows not seen in months.

NH Journal (NHJ) first appeared on our list of NH Digital print media sites in September of 2018 at #13 when GraniteGrok was #6. By July of 2019 when GraniteGrok first reached number one, NHJ had risen to the #6 position.

After a bit of drifting by January of 2020, the ‘Grok was back at #1 and NHJ was again at #6.

After the NH primary in February of 2020, ‘Grok got spanked by Facebook, which blocked us and locked us, limiting content to what had become a significant audience through that platform. It took us ten months, until Dec of 2020, to rebuild the lost audience and reclaim a hold on the number one spot (for digital print media in NH) and we’ve remained there ever since.

What happened to NH Journal?

In December 2020, when ‘Grok regained the #1 spot, NHJ was #15 on our list but by March of 2021, there wasn’t enough data for a domestic rank for NHJ and their national rank had tumbled to 1,555,892. They crawled back up to the 600-700,000 global rank range 0ver successive months, even making it back into the top 10 in August 2020, before dropping to 16th.

Their stories have leaned more toward the center-left GOPe than center-right while disenfranchising a number of grassroots organizations in the liberty-freedom wing of the Republican Party. An audience they’re not going to just get back and New Hampshire already has a “news” paper in that lane, the Union Leader.

The RINOs will take another lapdog but then they have to split their time between NHJ and the UL. And it’s not as if NHJ is even local. NH Journal in its most recent iteration is owned by Inside Sources, LLC, registered in Delaware, and based in Washington DC.

It has several outlets and boasts up to 25 million readers a month. Just not in New Hampshire, based on the numbers or New Hampshire Journal with our own Ed Mosca calls, NH-NeverTrump Journal.

As I said, we have one of those already.

Here’s our Monthly Alexa Rank Update for November 2021.

Alexa data is from 11/22/21 (NHJ 11/23) – Data is sorted by Domestic Rank unless no domestic rank can be calculated (too little traffic) at which point the list sorts by Global Rank.


Alexa Global Web Ranking
Site Name (Sorted by US Rank) US Rank Global Rank
GraniteGrok 11,569 59,411
Liberty Block 13,714 76,036
Union leader 37,750 113,104
SeacoastOnline 44,832 175,257
NHPR 49,046 232,778
Concord Monitor 53,029 190,847
Lawrence Eagle-Tribune 78,475 208214
Manchester Ink Link 78,918 331654
The Valley News 99,770 404,270
Lowell Sun 102,190 263,804
NHBR 130,978 533004
Monadnock Ledger-Transcript 132,146 597450
Fosters Daily Democrat 134,442 347,620
Conway/Berlin Daily Sun 134,533 418775
Indepth NH 135,879 726,817
Nashua Telegraph 180,718 644,498
Keene Sentinel 189,236 415,769
Free Keene no data 909,516
Seacoast Current no data 972,424
NH Journal no data 1027404
Girard at Large* no data 1091224
Business NH no data 1,076,155
NH Bulletin no data 1,222,733
The Derry News no data 1,252,119
J Bartlett no data 1,499,122

*Girard at Large is in the middle of a rebuild and under construction.