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NH Journal – Shawn Millerick: stooge for the Gnome of the North

Well, I guess that the battle will now be joined.  Shawn Millerick is a partner / friend with Pat Hynes (a former friend and co-host in “Meet The New Press” radio show that was the number one talk show in the NH Lakes Region) in NH Journal (and other activities) decided that NH Journal was going to start to “shape the battlefield” with this “out of thin air” post:

Sources: Kimball to stage comeback attempt as party chairman

After having served a failed half-term as Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee – a term that ended in his last-second resignation just before being ousted – Jack Kimball may attempt to engineer a comeback and challenge Jennifer Horn for the post, sources tell NH Journal.

 According to sources, Kimball will host a private strategy meeting on Friday to discuss the race for chairman and seek an opponent to Horn, who is backed by most party big-wigs. According to one source, if no other candidate emerges from the meeting, Kimball has said he would go for it.

Some of those invited to the meeting include Kimball, Skip Murphy, Diane Bitter, Joe Barton and Gerry and Sue DeLemus.

Really?  “Sources”?  Those in his head? So be it.  I sent that post to all the folks  to check because I was never contacted for verification.  Turns out, nobody was.  Simply put, this was a hit piece just like the Obama folks do – an attempt to discredit folks that might be playing a role in fighting yet another Sununu sock puppet.

Sources“?  Those in his head? Or those just whispering in his ear (the Left one)?  Journalistic Integrity? So be it.    #WAR

Let’s  follow some connections in a quick exercise of “Six degrees of Kevin Bacon”?

  • Shawn Millerick is friend and partner with Patrick Hynes, founder of Hynes Communications (a hot shot digital maven outfit that works on political campaigns and commercial accounts) and founder of NH Journal.
  • Shawn Millerick is also the husband of Jayne Millerick, a former NH GOP Chair, is the head of Marcucci Consulting, and had a role in the infamous NH GOP phone bank scandal
  • Jayne Millerick big supporter / advisor to Kelly Ayotte
  • Andy Leach is also on Kelly Ayotte’s Senatorial staff
  • Andy Leach is the one that delivered the news to Cliff Hurst that if he continued on his quest for NH GOP Chair (according to MY sources), funding spigots would not only be turned off but removed when the NH GOP went looking.  There is a reason why the phrase “Money is the mother’s milk of politics” – no money, nothing happens.  Essentially a message, his wide inviting smile and boyish good looks aside, of “we will make you fail before you win”.  There’s a reason why the “Five Families” moniker is so apt.
  • Andy Leach is also a former NH GOP Executive Director – while Guv John Sununu was the NH GOP Chair

Hmm, isn’t it almost always the case that all roads  political (Republican) lead back to Papa Smurf?  He couldn’t stop Jack Kimball from running last time – no knees to cut out from underneath when one isn’t in the Party proper.  Unfortunately, Cliff Hurst was and that was used as leverage against him (really, Andy, taking out a Sr. Citizen?)

Back to the post.  The pack of hacks with fealty back to the Gnome of the North frankly have started the discreditation part of the campaign in a notion that folks would back away from anybody that those named (yes, I’m there) might back against the Anointed One.    Far be it that his story about Jack Kimball coming back was anything but political goo – look at this hand (meanwhile the other has the stiletto).

Given the absolute trash in the post, I demanded of Pat Hynse

So, does this mean I get to start back in on that waveform again?

Have Millerick put up the retraction quick….after all, I do have a lawyer that writes for me…

So, what did I get?  A measly line:

UPDATE: Skip Murphy tells NH Journal he was not invited to the meeting.

Insufficient.  I have inquired of legal counsel about slander.  Also, given that I notified the others listed in the post (some of whom left comments), they responded as well.

 Jack Kimball:


Just was sent your article by one of the people who was mentioned as a participant in the fictitious meeting you described. He was quite upset that he wasn’t invited. Hell, I didn’t even invite myself.

Let me be clear: I don’t know where you got your information but it is completely false. In fact, it is so incorrect that it proves that you have virtually no credibility as a writer. I have held no meetings nor have I participated in meetings of any kind at any location that involved the NH GOP Chairmanship. I did put out the e-mail that you included in your article and I stand by it. I will not stand by and see what should be a fair election process, turn into an entitlement process that eliminates good candidates through coercion. The State GOP Chair position is an important one and the 500 eligible voters should get to evaluate each candidate, on their merits, and make their decision by casting their votes. That is not what is happening in this case and I, for one, will work tirelessly to see that we have free and fair elections particularly in our own Party. This is all about the integrity of the process and, to me, integrity matters. How about you? Where’s your integrity?


Jack Kimball

Joe Barton: (responses left at the post as comments)

According to my sources; Millerick claims to be a Journalist *snicker* no really that’s what I heard.

I don’t know where you get your information, but I don’t know anything about this supposed meeting; and certainly wasn’t in attendance. Please retract my name from this garbage article. Thanks

UPDATE: Diane Bitter has no idea what this article is on about either.

UPDATE: Jerry and Sue Delemus are equally unaware of any such meeting

UPDATE: Jack Kimball was not invited to his own meeting and claims no knowledge.

 UPDATE: That pretty much makes the whole story a fabricated POS.


Diane Bitter:


Below is a message I just sent to Patrick regarding your story today.

I am forwarding it to you also, as I am really quite serious about that apology.

Diane Bitter

 To: patjhynes <patjhynes@gmail.com>

Sent: Fri, Nov 30, 2012 10:54 pm

Subject: Mystery meeting today as reported by Millerick????


This so-called “private strategy meeting” about which Millerick wrote today was, obviously VERY private, because apparently Millerick was the ONLY one who knew about it! And his “source,” of course — whoever that was!

Needless to say, this entire story is a fabrication.

I’ve heard of “stretching the truth,” but in this story, Millerick flat-out lies!

I would appreciate an apology. Next time, do some checking before you print!


Diane Bitter

Jerry DeLemus:


I want to make sure you are aware that your writer Shawn Millerick wrote and posted an article (below) that is an absolute lie.  My wife Susan and I have had no conversations with Jack Kimball regarding him running for NHGOP Chair again.  The only truth in your article is that Jennifer Horn is an “establishment” candidate.  I am demanding a full retraction and a public apology to my wife Rep. Susan DeLemus and myself Jerry DeLemus. Shawn couldn’t even get the spelling of my name right, I suppose he doesn’t know about Google or maybe his “source” told him how to spell my name.
I have seen many articles where the truth was twisted to fit the tale the writer wanted to present.  This is by far the worst and most inaccurate article I have ever seen.  I don’t believe Jack Kimball would put himself or his wife through the torture of running for NHGOP Chair again.  After all they did such a great job this last election cycle without him or any of the Tea Party/912 groups.  So tell your “cub reporter” Shawn next time he wants to include my wife or myself in an article to find the courage an integrity to call me or my wife Susan and ask us.  If he knew even the slightest idea of who we are he would know that we say exactly what we mean.  So hear this, publish a full retraction of this story along with an apology and send me a copy as well as my wife Susan. If not I will pursue every avenue available to force you and your site to do the right thing.
Semper Fidelis (U.S. Marine for “always faithful”)
Jerry DeLemus


All in all, Millerick – you’ve proven why political hacks rate lower than used cars salesmen.