NH Journal – I Have A Question

by Steve MacDonald

Pat Hynse flunky and NH Journal editor Shawn Millerick went to bat for the progressive (r)epublican establishment the other day by fabricating a secret meeting, with a select guest list, for the purpose of agitating the voting members to support the anointed NHGOP chairman of choice, Jennifer Horn–because hey, we have to come together and continue to suck with unity, right?

The title of the first article was:  Sources: Kimball to stage comeback attempt as party chairman.  The source was Shawn’s imagination.  Nothing in it was true but Millerick was good enough to include an email actually written by Kimball to try and give credence to his fabrication.  Unfortunately for him we know everyone on the list he provided.

But this is old news. The new news came yesterday when Millerick observed that shortly after his first post–the one he made up–Andrew Hemingway announced as a challenger to Jennifer Horn.  But that’s not what was interesting about the second article.  What was interesting was this.

and only minutes after several people named in that story denied such a meeting ever took place and/or that they were in attendance … an alternative candidate to Jennifer Horn has nevertheless emerged.

Hey Shawn?

Which ‘several people‘ claimed they were in attendance at this “meeting?”  The only ones left are Diane Bitter and Sue and Jerry DeLemus, all of whom I know. (I know Skip, Jack and Joe as Well.)  I’d be happy to call and confirm whomever you name.  So who was in attendance?

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