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Breaking: Reliably Bad Republican William Marsh May Be Leaving the GOP

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Wolfeboro, NH “Republican” William Marsh is doing us all a favor. After running interference for Democrats from the right side of the aisle, he has voluntarily surrendered his committee chair, and rumor has it he will be leaving the GOP as well.


Multiple sources have confirmed to NHJournal that GOP state Rep. William Marsh (R-Wolfeboro) has resigned from the House Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee, where he serves as vice-chair. And, sources said, they expect the Carroll County Republican to leave the party. … Marsh has already submitted a letter to House leadership announcing his resignation from the committee, those sources confirm.


NH Journal, which broke the story, reports him as a relatively reliable vote, but Marsh was worse than unreliable.

During the 2017-2018 Legislative Republican majorities, Marsh only voted with his party on key legislation, 67% and 61% of the time. When Democrats had the majority in 2019-2020, he rose into the low 80’s (which is what NH Journal Reported). But when the GOP retook control, he dropped to 71% (to date), a figure that will likely drop into the ’60s when the NHHRA does its final update for the session.

In other words, Marsh is a good vote for Republicans when they have no chance of advancing their agenda and a bad vote when they do.

NH Journal also notes that Democrat State party chair Ray Buckley will welcome Marsh into their ranks if he decides to jump the aisle.

I’m not sure who is in for more of a surprise. Democrats – Marsh still appears willing to vote Republican a lot more than they tend to tolerate, or William Marsh when the blue caucus whips him.

He’s been complaining about Republican pressure to vote Republican and (probably) weary of all the emails and phone calls he’s been getting when he did not.

That’s nothing compared to what the left will do to him. A problem that will likely resolve itself when he quits, opts not to run in 2022 or loses the Republican seat he’s been warming because he has abandoned the (R) that used to get him elected even though he was lousy for the party.