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Democrat Rep Kris Schultz I love racists

New Hampshire State House Rep Says, “I Love Racists!”

New Hampshire Rep Kris Schultz (D) thinks it is RACIST to NOT teach white kids that they are inherently racist and unaware that they are inherently racist.’  Well, she’s back on video, tossing her family and her party under that bus on the question of racism.

NH Wood Flag

The Horrible Legacy of NH Democrats

If you spent only 5 minutes looking at the recent voting record of New Hampshire Democrats, you would be appalled. Presuming you are a sensible person with a healthy level of common sense. Today’s Democrat Party has become the party of big, intrusive government, open borders and fraudulent elections – not to mention their tacit …

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NH Vote-By-Mail Democrats would rather you forget about Wisconsin

All we are going to hear from the NH Democrat Party is yammering about how DARE we, not all do mail-in voting (er, don’t pay attention to that “ballot harvesting” technique behind the smoke and curtain). And how DARE you put people at risk for simply wanting to exercise their Constitutional Right to vote!