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NH Vote-By-Mail Democrats would rather you forget about Wisconsin


All we are going to hear from the NH Democrat Party is yammering about how DARE we, not all do mail-in voting (er, don’t pay attention to that “ballot harvesting” technique behind the smoke and curtain). And how DARE you put people at risk for simply wanting to exercise their Constitutional Right to vote! 

We’ll hear it over and over again from now until November. Once again, see crisis, use crisis to move agenda forward.

Frankly, given how they’ve operated in the past, it doesn’t matter to them how many would actually get sick with Kung Flu. That is just the pretense. It’s the vote-by-mail that makes their eyes shine brightly. So, of COURSE they’re working the meme that everyone that votes in person will DIE! How DARE you make people feel “unsafe”?

Sidenote: is anyone else concerned that the Left is turning us all into emoters instead of thinkers? Enough with the “Feelings, Woah-Woah-Woah FEELINGS!” bit.

So, they want you to ignore what happened in the recent Wisconsin Primary Poll:

Wisconsin: 52 of 400,000 In-Person Primary Voters Diagnosed with Coronavirus, No Fatalities

Fifty-two out of 400,000 in-person voters and poll workers who participated in Wisconsin’s controversial primary have since tested positive for the novel coronavirus, and Wisconsin officials are not certain that those individuals — none of whom have died — contracted the virus at polling stations on Election Day.

Wisconsin proceeded in holding its in-person election in early April, despite attempts from Gov. Tony Evers (D) to postpone the vote. The Republican legislature challenged his order, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court allowed the election to proceed as planned. Democrats warned that an in-person election would jeopardize the health of Wisconsin residents. However, out of the hundreds of thousands of residents who headed to the polls in Wisconsin on April 7, only a few dozen people — including poll workers —  have since contracted the coronavirus.

Additionally, “several” of the individuals who appeared at the polls April 7 and have since tested positive “also reported other ways they may have been exposed to the virus,” the Wisconsin Department of Health Services indicated this week. At best, then, the infection rate amounts to approximately 0.013% of those who voted in person with a 0.00% fatality rate.

Data – confounded data.  Totally blows NH State Senator Melanie Levesque’s arguments all to heck that voting other than by mail is death-defying.

Of course, we should also look at “drive-by” voting such as Bow’s School Board just did. And for the nay-sayers like that that keep saying that SB2 lowers voting, they experienced a heightened number of voters coming through to cast their ballots.

I hope that Gov Sununu and SecState Gardner are paying attention. I believe they are but I have to go looking for those links again. I’ll update this later.

(H/T: Breitbart)